Annika Bergman Rosamond har tillsammans med Annica Kronsell författat en ny artikel.

 'Cosmopolitanism and Individual Ethical Reflection - the Embodied Experiences of Swedish Veterans' nyligen publicerad i Critical Military Studies, online first.

This article aims to enable a conversation between cosmopolitanism and  feminist-inspired research on embodied military experiences. While the article rests on cosmopolitan reasoning, it critiques it for disregarding individuals’ other-regarding reflections and acts. The theoretical claims are sustained through a selection of interviews. A cosmopolitan sense of obligation amongst Swedish veterans  is identified across the material. Notions of cosmopolitan responsibility, moreover, arise from veterans’ human encounters with civilians on the ground and through support for small-scale aid projects. However, veterans’ ethical reflections are rarely purely cosmopolitan, rather mediated through their wish to serve the nation, support fellow soldiers  etc. The  concept of ‘mediated cosmopolitanism’ captures such mixed ethical sentiments and embodied experiences.

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