European Governance

Avancerad kurs. 15 hp. Statsvetenskap. HÖSTTERMIN.

STVP30 - European Governance (15 högskolepoäng)

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The aim of the course is (a) to convey a theory-based understanding of European governance, that is, the political system of the EU and its processes of policy-making and (b) to encourage independent in-depth analysis of current key issues in European governance. The course is divided into two parts: an overview of the overarching themes of the course, and a study of a particular topic, related to the student’s own interest within the themes of the course. The course presents and investigates four themes:

- The development of the European project 

- The driving forces in European governance, elaborating on theories of European integration, as well as conflicting values in European governance and channels of interest mediation

- The institutions of the EU and the operation of the decision-making machinery, focusing on executive, legislative and judicial politics

- The output of the system in the form of markets, money and regulation; enlargement, justice and home affairs.


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