Visual International Relations

Delkurs i kandidatkursen i statsvetenskap. Vårtermin.

STVK02 - Visual International Relations (7,5 högskolepoäng)

Kursen ges på engelska och läses tillsammans med utbytesstudenter.

The course will introduce and advance knowledge about the power of visual images in global politics. Central issues to be discussed include analysing various visual aspects (photographs, film, television, art, cartoons, maps, monument, video games, new media, etc) in areas such as war, diplomacy, financial crisis, celebrity interventions, social movements, peacebuilding and election campaigns.

Some illustrative questions, which are explored and studied during the course are:

  • How are international events shaped by images?
  • How do visual elements influence the perception of international political phenomena?
  • What is the visual representation of international relations and its concrete practical implications?
  • What is the impact, power and roles of drones, satellites, digital platforms, etc in global politics? What does it mean to communicate, think and act in visual ways in international relations?

The course also covers some methodological dilemmas emerging from the study of visuality in global politics and suggests ways how to resolve them.

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