Social Policy and Economic Performance

Avancerad kurs. 15 hp. Statsvetenskap. Vårtermin.

STVN15 – Social Policy and Economic Performance (15 högskolepoäng)

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This course introduces you to the interrelationship between social policy and economic performance. The course is organized in a historical manner to a large degree in order to enable a discussion of the particularities of different historical moments. The focus is primarily on advanced industrialized countries.

We begin with a few introductory weeks that chart the landscape of the relationship between social policy and economic performance empirically and theoretically.

The course then turns to the particular relationship between industrialization, on the one hand, and globalization, on the other, on social policy.

After that the focus turns to more exclusively contemporary trends including the rise of the knowledge economy, the influence of international organizations, and the recent financial crisis. 


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