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Public Administration Theory

Studying the government and organisation of society
Departing from key concepts such as power, democracy, government and ethics, the members of this research group studies a range of different political processes, mainly in a Swedish context but also with an international outlook.

This group brings together researchers in political science and law, based in Lund, Malmö, Göteborg and Växjö. Past and present research projects deal with overarching themes such as marketisation, depoliticisation, juridification, projectification, Europeanisation and bureaucratisation - focusing on, amongst other things, New Public Management, health care reform, expert rule, climate politics, social investment funds, the European social fund, self-driving cars and artificial intelligence.

Public administration takes place at all political levels - international, national, regional and local, in democracies as well as authoritarian regimes. Also, issues of government and organisation cannot be limited to the public sector but are also relevant in private companies and civil society. Therefore, we are open to new members from a wide range of research fields and disciplines to take part in our activities.

Contact: Linda Nyberg (linda [dot] nyberg [at] svet [dot] lu [dot] se)

Research projects



  • Altermark Niklas & Nilsson, Hampus (2018) “Crafting the ‘Well-Rounded Citizen’: Empowerment and the Government of Counterradicalization”. International Political Sociology, 12(1):53-69.
  • Kronsell, Annica & Mukhtar-Landgren, Dalia (2018) “Experimental Governance: The Role of Municipalities in Urban Living Labs” European planning studies.
  • Fred, Mats (2018) Projectification : the Trojan horse of local government. Faculty of Social Science, Lund University, 230


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  • Nyberg, Linda (2017) Market Bureaucracy – Neoliberalism, Competition and EU State Aid Policy. Avhandling. Lund: Lund University Publication.


For more publications: Please visit the personal pages of our researchers by clicking on their respective names in the list under the headline "Researchers in the group".

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