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Giving you the ability to analyse political matters in a changing world.
The link between politics and the economy has become increasingly evident in society, while political decision-making at different levels - local, regional, national and international- has become more intertwined.

Students are working on their computers.

We have a wide range of courses in political science, peace and conflict studies and intelligence analysis!

At the Department of Political Science we want to highlight society's increased complexity in our various courses.

Still the classic questions continue to be the most important starting points for the Political Science-analysis of politics. Questions of power, democracy, conflict and cooperation.

Whatever your goal or reasons for studying you are welcome to study our courses and programmes at the bachelor and master levels.

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Contact Helen Fogelin anytime during the term at helen [dot] fogelin [at] svet [dot] lu [dot] se

Visit me at room 234 (Eden).

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