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The doctoral student as a teacher and administrator

As a doctoral student, besides undertaking your research studies, you will be expected to teach undergraduates and/or take on administrative duties. Here you will find information concerning this aspect of the position.

Part of a group of lecturers

As a doctoral student you are also part of the group of lecturers and will be teaching and/or taking care of administrative tasks. The director of studies for undergraduate studies has the primary responsibility for planning and he/she will consult with you early on to find out where your teaching interests lie, etc. We work most often with teaching teams on our various courses, a system which provides you with support when you start teaching; the director of studies will also contribute in various ways.

Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

A doctoral student who lectures at undergraduate or master’s level is to have undergone “introductory training in teaching and learning in higher education” over two weeks, or have acquired equivalent knowledge in some other way. This does not affect the admissions process, but means that before you are given any tasks as an educator, you will be given a chance to go on a course equivalent to at least two weeks’ training in teaching and learning in higher education.

During your time as a doctoral student you will also get the opportunity to attend various training courses in teaching and learning in higher education which are held either by the faculty, or by the University’s Centre for Educational Development (CED). The centre’s homepage features all the current training courses in teaching and learning in higher education. Your pedagogical training is planned in consultation with the supervisor and the director of studies.

It is the explicitly set goal of the University that all permanently employed lecturers are to have undergone 10 weeks of training in teaching and learning in higher education.

How is the length of your employment affected by these duties?

A doctoral position covers 4 years. A doctoral student can take part in departmental work (lecturing duties and administration) within a framework of a maximum of 20% of fulltime employment. The doctoral student is compensated with an equivalent extension of the study period. Your doctoral studies are normally extended by the number of weeks equivalent to the pedagogical training you underwent (this does not apply, however, if the courses in teaching and learning in higher education in question were included as credits within the course component of the doctoral studies).