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Gender and Politics Research Group

This group brings together lecturers and researchers who think of gender as a central analytical lens through which power, institutions, norms and identities should be studied.

The gender symbols to the left and a heart to the right. Photo.

Gender is increasingly prominent in research and teaching within the Department of Political Science. The members of our group approach gender politics from a variety of theoretical and methodological perspectives. A number of researchers are interested in debates on gender and security with an emphasis on diplomacy, gender just peace, women and war, and soldiering. Our members also conduct research in gender and development on topics such as the Sustainable Development Goals and women’s empowerment.

Our group meets several times during the semester to discuss draft papers, articles and books proposed by our members. We welcome new members and guest researchers.

Annika Bergman Rosamond
E-mail: annika [dot] bergman_rosamond [at] svet [dot] lu [dot] se

Catia Gregoratti
E-mail: catia [dot] gregoratti [at] svet [dot] lu [dot] se

Members at Political Science

Members outside Political Science

Include colleagues from Gender Studies, Economic History, Human Geography, Malmö University, Gothenburg University, Copenhagen University, the Swedish Institute of International Affairs, Aalborg University and Freie Universität Berlin

Spring semester 2021

May 20

Workshop with doctoral students:

  • Caroline Karlsson “The knowledge production of the incest taboo”
  • Georgia de Leeuw “On emotions”
  • Jessica Cheung “Feminist Foreign Policy: A typology”

May 10

Dr. Cristian Norocel, (Lund University) “The Discursive Contours of Retrogressive Mobilization in the 2018 ‘Referendum for Family’ in Romania” (with Ionela BĂLUȚĂ, University of Bucharest, Romania).

April 28

Dean Cooper-Cunningham (Copenhagen University) “Security, Sexuality, and Memes: International Contestation of Russian Political Homophobia”.

April 19

Workshop with doctoral students:

  • Anne Stein “Linking Peace and Resistance: The idea of agonistic peace epistemic disruptions”
  • Christie Nicoson “Feminist peace and the politics of climate change”
  • Leila Sunagic “The Formation of Diverse Social Movement Coalition: The Art of Balancing. A Case study of the Women’s Movement in Morocco”

February 25

Dr. Emily Flore St. Denny (Copenhagen University) "Policy learning to reduce inequalities: The case of Scottish gender mainstreaming in a multi-level UK". 

Autumn semester 2020

December 16

Dr. Pauline Stoltz (Aalborg University) “Gender, resistance and transnational memories of violent conflicts”

November 23

Dr. Douglas Brommesson (Lund University) “Teach more, but do not expect any applause": Are women doubly discriminated against in universities' recruitment processes”

September 21

Group discussion: Feminist Solidarities