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Political Theory

STVC79 – Political Theory (7.5 credits). Bachelor course in Political Science. Autumn term.

Ideology is a central element of politics and a meeting point between political theory and political practice. The course deals with the content of key political ideologies that have had an impact on Western politics in recent centuries. It includes modern political ideologies (liberalism, conservatism, socialism, anarchism, nationalism and fascism) as well as political ideologies with a more contemporary origin (populism, Islamism, feminism, ecology and multiculturalism).

The course analyzes the history of ideologies and the main normative building blocks. It also addresses variations within each ideology, as well as how they overlap or differ. Other central elements in the course are the concept of ideology itself, different approaches to studying ideologies, and the role that ideologies have in contemporary politics.

Literature (pdf, new window)
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Helen Fogelin

International coordinator – incoming students

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