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Pufendorf Chair

The Samuel Pufendorf Endowed Chair

About the Pufendorf Chair

Samuel Pufendorf (1632-1694) was a German legal scholar and theologian who was directly appointed to a professorship when Lund University was founded in 1666. He was a pioneer of modern humanism and international law. In 2002, a donation to establish a Pufendorf chair was made jointly by Torsten Söderberg and Ragnar Söderberg Foundations. The chair holder should work in the spirit of Samuel Pufendorf and promote the establishment of a global peaceful order. The Pufendorf chair is held by a professor at Lund University in the areas of economics, politics or law for a time period of four years.

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Current holder:

Former holders:

  • Karin Aggestam (2016-2020)
  • Gregor Noll (2012–2016)
  • Håkan Hydén (2008–2011)
  • Kjell Åke Modéer (2005–2007)
  • Aleksander Peczenik (2003–2004)

Research project: Peace and Diplomacy of Justice


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Former holder

Karin Aggestam

Karin Aggestam
Holder of the Pufendorf Chair 2016-2020

E-mail: karin [dot] aggestam [at] svet [dot] lu [dot] se
Twitter: @KarinAggestam

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