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Programmes and courses

Bachelor programmes – Master programmes – Doctoral studies – Freestanding courses

Are you interested in political science, peace and conflict studies or intelligence analysis? Then the programmes on this page are something for you!

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Our programmes and courses

We offer programmes from first level, to second level, and to research level. Below you can find more information about our programmes and the different levels:

Bachelor programmes

A bachelor programme is a three-year education on the first-cycle level, which means that you study 180 credits.

A bachelor programme is a coherent course of study for six terms leading to a degree in political science or peace and conflict studies, the two the main subjects of choice for a bachelor's degree at the Department of Political Science.

Bachelor programmes are based on a combination of subjects where you study at least three terms in your main subject. During the other three terms you study other subjects that in an intelligent way broaden and complement your education profile.

Some of the courses are specific to the programme and can not be studied as a separate courses. When you are a registered student in a bachelor programme, you have priority access to those courses that can be part of your degree.

Eligibility requirements vary between bachelor programmes, but the selection-group is upper secondary school grades and the Swedish Scholastic Aptitude Test (högskoleprovet).

Course information for the programme on the Department's web site:

Bachelor's programme in Development Studies (BIDS) | Department of Political Science (

You apply to our bachelor programme on Lund University's web site:

Development Studies - Bachelor of Science Programme | Lund University

Master programmes

To qualify for a master programme you must have a bachelor's degree in political science or peace and conflict studies.

A master programme lasts 2 years (120 credits) and leads to a degree of Master of Science (MSc).

Some master programmes are thematic which means that you specialize in a particular field. Others contain more choice and make it possible for yourself to steer the focus of the programme.

All master programmes contain some courses that are restricted to students who are admitted to the programme and some courses that are open for students outside of the programme.

The Master programmes always begin in the autumn and two of the department's three master programmes are taught in English.

To be eligible for a master programme at the Department of Political Science you must have a bachelor's degree in political science or peace and conflict studies.

Course information for the programmes on the Department's web site:

Master programme: European Affairs | Department of Political Science (

Master programme: Welfare Policies and Management | Department of Political Science (

You apply to our master programmes on Lunds University's web site:

European Affairs - Master of Science programme | Lund University

Welfare Policies and Management - Master of Science programme | Lund University

Doctoral studies

The education leading to a PhD degree covers a total of 240 credits, which means four years of full time studies.

Doctoral Studies or PhD studies are an important part of the university's mission and responsibility.

As a doctoral student (also called PhD candidate or doctoral candidate) you are an important part of the research environment at Lund University.

Around 30 doctoral students work at the Political Science Department at any given time, and we normally accept new doctoral candidates once a year

If you are admitted as a doctoral student you have an exciting and varied time ahead of you. As a doctoral candidate you are expected to teach on the first-cycle level and/or take on administrative duties alongside your doctoral studies.

To qualify for doctoral studies you need:

  • A degree at advanced level
  • Completed course requirements of at least 240 credits, of which at least 60 credits at advanced level, or
  • Otherwise within the country or abroad acquired substantially equivalent knowledge.

More information about doctoral studies

Freestanding courses

Many courses at the Department of Political Science are linked to a specific research project that specific teachers are involved in, and are therefore not given each term.

See all of our freestanding courses

For the latest information on which courses that are running "your" term please see here:

Spring 2024

Undergraduate course:

Master courses:

First half of semester:
Second half of semester:

Autumn 2024 (preliminary courses)

Master courses:

First half of semester:
Second half of semester:

More about freestanding courses

Did you know that:

  • The courses vary in length from 7.5 credits to 30 credits.
  • Some courses are not offered every term because they are tied to a specific research project which a specific teacher is involved in.
  • You can combine courses of your choice aiming at a unique degree.

Admitted to one term at a time

Freestanding courses are an excellent option if you do not wish to study an entire training programme but still want to study aiming at a degree within our disciplines. Since you are admitted to one term at a time, it is a good way to try out what it feels like to study and see if our subjects suit you.

Some more advantages

  • you can design your very own training program and study towards an exam with a unique profile
  • you decide your course of study
  • you have the opportunity to access the exact knowledge you need for your continued professional life or your personal skills

From 7.5 to 30 credits

Whatever your goal or reasons for studying you are welcome to study our courses at the bachelor and master levels. Most of the department's courses (with some exceptions), are open for you to apply for as separate courses. The courses vary in length from 7.5 credits to 30 credits.

Contact Study Advisors

E-mail: studievagledare [at] svet [dot] lu [dot] se

You can find us at the department of Political Science (Eden) on the second floor next to the information desk (Expedition).

Make an appointment with a study advisor?

Please make your appointment on TimeEdit.

If you currently are not a student at Lund University, please email us for an appointment at studievagledare [at] svet [dot] lu [dot] se (studievagledare[at]svet[dot]lu[dot]se), and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Daniel Alfons
Room: Eden 232
Telephone: (+46) 046-222 89 50

Mats Janér
Room: Eden 233
Telephone: (+46) 046-222 80 48

Lidija Lindoff
Room: Eden 231 B
Telephone: (+46) 046-222 89 38

Questions about official transcripts, certificates of registration, picking up graded assignments and general information.

Please contact Jessica Blom Larsson at the information desk (expedition [at] svet [dot] lu [dot] se).