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The Department’s Higher Research Seminar Series

Autumn 2022

The Higher Research Seminar is the main collective seminar of the Department. The research staff and invited national and international leading scholars present ongoing research and analyses of a broad range of exciting topics of relevance for Political Science.

The Higher Research Seminar is held on Wednesdays 13.15 – 14.30 in Eden 367, unless otherwise indicated.

Convenors: Jens Bartelsson and Catarina Kinnvall


The following seminars are open to the public. Welcome to join us.

Wednesday, September 14

Antoine Bousquet, Swedish Defence University: 
Nuclear Existentialism: On the Philosophical Response to Life and Death under the Bomb.
Chair: Jens Bartelson.

Wednesday, September 21

Michelle Pace, Department of Global Studies, Roskilde University: 
Un-welcome to Denmark: The Paradigm shift and Refugee Integration.
Chair: Catarina Kinnvall.

Wednesday, September 28

Tornike Metreveli, Faculty of Theology, Lund University: 
The Geopolitics of Orthodox Christianity and the Russian Invasion of Ukraine.
Chair: Jens Bartelson.

Wednesday, October 12 (13.15 – 15.30)

Planseminar Joel Abdelmoez & Marie Stissing Jensen.

Planseminar Joel Abdelmoez (opponent :Rola El Husseini-Dean).
Planseminar Marie Stissing Jensen (opponent Dalia Mukhtar-Landgren).
Chair: Fariborz Zelli.

Wednesday, October 19

Elin Naurin, Department of Political Science, University of Gothenburg: 
The Effect of Pregnancy on Engagement with Politics. Toward a Model of the Political Consequences of the Earliest Stages of Parenthood.
Chair: Agustin Goenaga.

Wednesday, October 26 (13.15 – 15.30)

Planseminar Agnese Pacciardi & Lars Vetle Handeland.

Planseminar Agnese Pacciardi: opponent: Sara Scuzzarello (University of Sussex).
Planseminar Lars Vetle Handeland opponent: Ted Svensson.
Chair: Fariborz Zelli.

Thursday, October 27

Elizabeth Shakman Hurd, Department of Political Science, Northwestern University: 
A Critical Approach to Religion in International Relations’.
Chair: Jens Bartelson.

Wednesday, November 2


Wednesday, November 9 (13.15 – 15.30)

Plan-seminar Malte Breiding Hansen and Simon Stattin

Planseminar Malte Breiding Hansen: opponent Catarina Kinnvall.
Chair: Fariborz Zelli.

Monday, November 14

Sarah Bracking, University College London 
‘Turning brown to green: can climate finance and ethical green investing deliver us from climate catastrophe?’.
Chair: Jakob Skovgaard.

Wednesday, November 23

10.15 – 12.00 Mid-seminar Anne Lene Stein.

Opponents: Annika Björkdahl och Malte Breiding Hansen.
Chair: Fariborz Zelli.

13.15 – 14.30 Shruti Kapila, Corpus Christi College, University of Cambridge: 
Violent Fraternity: Indian Political Thought in the Global Age
Chairs and Discussants: Ted Svensson, Catarina Kinnvall and Jens Bartelson.

Wednesday, November 30 (13.15 – 15.00)

Mid-seminar Nicolas Rodriguez Hedenbratt.

Opponents: Elsa Hedling och Joel Abdelmoez.
Chair: Fariborz Zelli.

Wednesday, December 7

Nina Wilén, Royal Institute for International Relations, Brussels:
docent lecture: Military Interventions in Africa.
Chair: Catarina Kinnvall.

Friday, December 9, Eden's auditorium

Inaugural Professorial Lectures: Fariborz Zelli and Ian Manners.
Chair: Björn Badersten.

Wednesday, December 14

Robert Klemmensen, Department of Political Science, Lund University:
What do the Rich Think About Politics?’.
Chair: Catarina Kinnvall.