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Political Science

On this page, you can find information about the subject of political science, about the education and research conducted within the subject, as well as information about the employees who are connected to the subject.

About Political Science

Political science is usually described as the scientific study of politics.

Why do wars exist? Why do people join together to form states? Why are some states democracies and others dictatorships? Why are some countries rich and others poor? What is globalization? What is a good society and who decides what is thought of as good?

Political science seeks to answer these type of big questions. But political scientists are also interested in the more local and mundane, like finding out why people voted a certain way in the municipal elections or why more women than men do household work.

Education in Political Science

The aim of our education in political science is to give our students the ability to explain and analyse political phenomena. Learn more about our programmes and freestanding courses:

Research in Political Science

The Department of Political Science has several research groups and ongoing research projects in the field of political science.

Research groups at the Department

Research projects

Learn more about the department’s current research projects


Employees connected to the subject political science