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Kinnvall on ontological insecurities

Catarina Kinnvall has recently published the article “Ontological Insecurities and Postcolonial Imaginaries: The Emotional Appeal of Populism” in Humanity & Society”.

In the article, Catarina Kinnvall addresses the particular narratives and discourses that respond to increased feelings of uncertainty, anxiety, and fear, so-called ontological insecurities, and their connections to the postcolonial imaginaries of populist politics. 

To understand how power works through emotional discourses and narratives, she discusses how they come to naturalize colonial fears and postcolonial melancholia, played out in myths about “the nation,” “the people,” “the establishment,” and “the immigrant others,” but also how such myths justify the imagined ills of Western society and how they constitute both remedies to and origins of ontological insecurities.

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