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Political science and the brain

Niklas Altermark and Linda Nyberg have author the article ”Neuro-politics: knowing politics through the brain”.

Elgström on the EU as a biased mediator

Ole Elgström is first author, with co-authors Natalia Chaban, Michèle Knodt, Patrick Muller och Sharon Pardo, of the article "Perceptions of the EU's role in the Ukraine-Russian and the Israel-Palestine conflicts: A biased mediator?, which was recently published in the journal International Negotiation.

When implementation falters

Mikael Sundström has, together with Robert Holmberg, authored the article "When implementation falters: the challenge of having peripheral issues stick in organisations", that has been published in Journal of Strategy and Management.

Economic development and democracy

Why are some countries more democratic than others? Why do some countries remain democratic whereas other backslide toward authoritarianism?

Revised edition on classical liberal internationalism

Christer Jönsson has contributed with the chapter "Classical Liberal Internationalism" to the revised edition of the book ”International Organization and Global Governance” (edited by Thomas G. Weiss and Rorden Wilkinson).

Two dissertations at the department

Photo of Ulrika and Sandra, by Jessica Björck. Ulrika Waaranperä and Sandra Engstrand, PhD-students at Lund University and Malmö University, will defend their dissertations this week.

New honorary doctor: Expert on women in peace processes

Picture on the Lund Cathedral and Jacqui True Women’s role in peace processes, and the political economy of gender-based violence in post-conflict societies. These are topics researched by one of the new honorary doctors in social sciences – the political scientist Jacqui True.

How do individuals adapt to groups online?

Hanna Bäck has, together with Emma Bäck, Marie Gustafsson Sendén and Sverker Sikström, co-authored the article ”From I to We: Group Formation and Linguistic Adaption in an Online Xenophobic Forum”, which was recently published in Journal of Social and Political Psychology.

Bäck – new chair in the Swedish Research Council’s evaluation committee

Photo of Hanna Bäck by Maria Stenvik There are studies that show that women and men are assessed and treated differently within academia. This is something Hanna Bäck, the new chair for the Swedish Research Council’s evaluation committee for political science, peace and conflict studies, and media and communication studies, want to change.

Experimental governance

What different roles have municipalities had in the emerging processes of experimental governance - or governance through trials and urban living labs? This question is discussed in a new article by Annica Kronsell and Dalia Mukhtar-Landgren.

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