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Municipalities as enablers in urban experimentation

Dalia Mukhtar-Landgren has, together with Annica Kronsell, Yuliya Voytenko Palgan och Timo von Wirth, co-authored an article that analyzes how municipalities govern urban sustainability experiments in Sweden and the Netherlands.

Kinnvall with new book on ontological insecurity

Catarina Kinnvall has together with Ian Manners and Jennifer Mitzen published an edited volume entitled “Ontological Insecurity in the European Union” (London: Routledge, 2019).

Aggestam and Bergman Rosamond on ethics and feminist foreign policy

Karin Aggestam and Annika Bergman Rosamond have co-authored the article ”Feminist Foreign Policy 3.0: Advancing Ethics and Gender Equality in Global Politics”. The article is published in a special issue on ethics and foreign Policy in the journal “SAIS Review of International Affairs” (The John Hopkins University Press).

Critical perspectives on Bartelson’s latest book

Jens Bartelson’s latest book ”War in International Thought” (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2018) has been subject of a book forum in the online latest issue of ”Millennium: Journal of International Studies”.

Contested Global Governance

Over the summer, Bart Bes has published two articles dealing with the consequences of contestation in global governance. The articles have been published in the journals ”European Journal for Political Research” and ”Global Policy”.

Wrange and Bengtsson on small state security

Jana Wrange and Rikard Bengtsson have co-authored the article ”Internal and external perceptions of small state security: the case of Estonia”, which has been published in the journal ”European Security”.

Rosén Sundström and Elgström on the Swedish feminist foreign policy

Malena Rosén Sundström and Ole Elgström have co-authored the article ”Praise or critique? Sweden’s feminist foreign policy in the eyes of its fellow EU members”, which has been published in the journal ”European Politics and Society”. The article trains focus on how other EU member states perceive the Swedish feminist foreign policy.

Kinnvall on populism in India

Catarina Kinnvall has published the article “Populism, ontological insecurity and Hindutva: Modi and the masculinization of Indian politics”, which has been published in the journal “Cambridge Review of International Affairs”.

Kinnvall on living with climate disasters

Catarina Kinnvall has, together with Helle Rydström, edited the book “Climate Hazards, Disasters, and Gendered Ramifications”.

Björkdahl on transnational memory politics

Annika Björkdahl and Stefanie Kappler have recently published the article “The Creation of Transnational Memory Spaces: Professionalization and Commercialization”, in “International Journal of Politics, Culture and Society” analyzing the memory-making in Bosnia-Herzegovina and South Africa.

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