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Nielsen on carbon flows in international trade

Tobias Dan Nielsen has co-authored an article called ”Global outsourcing of carbon emissions 1995–2009: A reassessment”, which has been publish in the journal ”Environmental Science & Policy”. The article investigates carbon flows in international trade, adjusting for differences in production technology between countries. It provides a more nuanced understanding of the impact of international trade on global carbon emissions.

Bäck on female cabinet appointments

Are female politicians less likely to be promoted to specific ministerial posts, and is it important for them to toe the party line? Hanna Bäck has, together with Johan Bo Davidsson and Markus Baumann, studied this question in an analysis of Swedish cabinet appointments.

New article on the politics of sustainability performance review

Magdalena Bexell and Kristina Jönsson have published an article entitled "Country Reporting on the Sustainable Development Goals–The Politics of Performance Review at the Global-National Nexus" in the Journal of Human Development and Capabilities.

Populism and White Nationalism

Catarina Kinnvall has published the article “On the Frontline: Populism and White Nationalism” in the journal Discover Society.

Røed on the European Commission's online consultations

Maiken Røed has co-authored the article "Explaining Participation Bias in the European Commission's Online Consultations: The Struggle for Policy Gain without too Much Pain" published in Journal of Common Market Studies.

Theorising feminist foreign policy

Karin Aggestam, Annika Bergman-Rosamond and Annica Kronsell have co-authored the journal article ”Theorising Feminist Foreign Policy”, which has been published in International Relations.

New article on misrecognition and the Indian state

Catarina Kinnvall and Ted Svensson have published a joint article in “Review of International Studies”, entitled “Misrecognition and the Indian state: The desire for sovereign agency”.

Vetenskapssocieteten in Lund gives prize to a dissertation in political science

Klas Nilsson has recently received a prize for his dissertation ”The Money of Monarchs”. The award is conferred by Vetenskapssocieteten and was presented at the annual celebration held on November 23.

Celebrity politician Tony Blair’s role as Middle East envoy

Annika Bergman Rosamond has, together with Michelle Pace (Roskilde), co-authored the article “Political Legitimacy and celebrity politicians: Tony Blair as Middle East envoy 2007-2016”. The article is published in the journal Middle East Critique.

Photographs in disability politics

Niklas Altermark and Emil Edeborg have published their article “Visualizing the Included Subject: Photography, Progress Narratives, and Intellectual Disability” in the journal ”Subjectivity”.

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