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Immigration policy and the modern welfare state

Sara Kalm and Johannes Lindvall have co-authored the article ”Immigration policy and the modern welfare state, 1880–1920”, which has been published in the Journal of European Social Policy.

Was the Swedish extension of the suffrage early or late?

Jan Teorell has, together with Staffan Lindberg, co-authored the chapter ”Demokratins utveckling i världen: Tendenser under och efter rösträttens århundrade” in the book ”Rösträttens århundrade: Kampen, utvecklingen och framtiden för demokratin i Sverige”.

Bartelson has received two awards

Jens Bartelson has received two awards by the International Studies Association. He is the recipient of the Distinguished Scholar Award and the ISA Theory Section Best Monograph Award. The last mentioned award has been given to Bartelson for his book ”War in International Thought”.

Study of the government formation process

Photo of the speaker of the Swedish Parliament, Andreas Norlén. A study of the Swedish government formation process 2018-2019 aims to map the sequence of events and summarize what can be learnt from the process and the formal rules governing it. The study aims to answer three research questions: Why did the current government form? Why did it take so long? How did the formal rules work in practice?

How quality of government shapes the provision of public goods in democracies

Ketevan Bolkvadze has, together with Marina Povitkina from University of Gothenburg, published the article "Fresh Pipes with Dirty Water: How quality of government shapes the provision of public goods in democracies" in the “European Journal of Political Research”.

Bäck on coalition agreements

Why do coalition parties settle some policy issues in great detail, whereas other issues are hardly mentioned in coalition agreements? Hanna Bäck has, together with Heike Klüver, studied this question in an analysis of over 200 agreements in 24 West and East European countries.

What future for primates?

Tobias Nielsen and Fariborz Zelli have together with four other researchers co-authored the article ”What future for primates? Conservation struggles in the forests of Cross River State, Nigeria”, which has been published in the journal ”Sustainability Science”.

Teorell on measurement of institutions

Jan Teorell has authored the chapter “Measuring Institutions: What We Do Not Know“ in the book “A Research Agenda for New Institutional Economics” (the editors are C. Ménard and M. Shirley).

Gusic on how war and peace interplay with space

Ivan Gusic has published the article ”The relational spatiality of the postwar condition: A study of the city of Mitrovica”, which has been published in Political Geography.

Need a bag?

Tobias Dan Nielsen, Karl Holmberg and Johannes Stripple have co-authored the article ”Need a bag? A review of public policies on plastic carrier bags – Where, how and to what effect?”, which has been published in the journal Waste Management.

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