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Fabio Cristiano on cyberwar and simulations

Fabio Cristiano has authored the article “From Simulations to Simulacra of War: Game Scenarios in Cyberwar Exercises”, which is part of the latest issue of the Journal of War and Culture Studies.

Mats Fred defend his thesis

Photo on Mats Fred and photo by Jessica Björck Mats Fred will defend his dissertation "Projectification. The Trojan horse of local government" tomorrow on February 16 at 10:15 in Niagara, Malmö University. Discussant is professor Stig Montin from University of Gothenburg.

Hanna Bäck on protest participation

Hanna Bäck has, together with Emma Bäck and David Sivén, co-authored the article ”Why engage in collective action? The conditional effect of social support and efficacy on protest participation”, which was recently published in “Basic and Applied Social Psychology”.

Bergman Rosamond and Svensson have both contributed with a book chapter on politics of identity

Annika Bergman Rosamond and Ted Svensson have both contributed with a book chapter to the edited volume ”The politics of identity: place, space and discourse”. Ted’s chapter centres on discrimination on the basis of caste in India and Annika’s text debates military intervention and the politics of memory in a Swedish context.

Annika Björkdahl on war time rape

Annika Björkdahl and Johanna Mannergren Selimovic have contributed the chapter ”Feminist Ethnographic Research: Excavating Narratives of Wartime Rape”, in the volume ”Ethnographic Peace Research”.

Fabio Cristiano on cyberwar and violence

Fabio Cristiano has contributed with the chapter “Bodies of Cyberwar: Violence and Knowledge beyond Corporeality” to the newly published volume ”Experiences in Researching Conflict and Violence”.

Wilén with two articles in Special Collection on African Militaries in peace operations

Nina Wilén has, together with other researchers, co-authored two articles in Journal of Eastern African Studies. Wilén is also guest editor for the Special Collection together with David Ambrosetti and Jean-Nicholas Bach.

Brommesson on the cartel party theory with focus on the Swedish party system

Douglas Brommesson has, together with Ann-Marie Ekengren, co-authored the chapter ”Homogenisation or fragmentation? Perceptions of mediatisation among Swedish and Finnish parliamenatrians” in the book ”Cartelisation Convergence or Increasing Similarities?”.

Grant money for two projects

Jakob Skovgaard, Åsa Knaggård and Roger Hildingsson have received funding from the Research Council Formas for the project "Putting a price on carbon emissions: what makes states adopt carbon pricing policies?".

Hedling and Brommesson on Sweden’s security policy ambivalence

Elsa Hedling’s and Douglas Brommesson’s article "Security through European integration or flexible autonomy: ambivalence in Sweden’s position on the Eastern Partnership” has been published in Global Affairs.

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