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Anders Uhlin on civil society activism and international organizations

Anders Uhlin has authored the chapter “Opening Up of International Organizations” that appears in the book "Beyond the Boomerang: From Transnational Advocacy Networks to Transcalar Advocacy in International Politics", edited by Christopher L. Pallas and Elizabeth A. Bloodgood, published by The University of Alabama Press.

About the chapter:

The opening up of international organizations to the participation of civil society actors has been a significant trend in world politics since the 1990s. This has had important consequences for advocacy beyond borders. Reviewing extant research in this field, this chapter provides an empirical account of the pattern of increased access for civil society actors to international organisations. It further elaborates on how this opening up can be conceptualized and analyzed in terms of more open political opportunity structures. Various explanations to the increased openness of international organisations are considered. Finally, implications of the opening up of international organisations for civil society advocacy are discussed.

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