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What are PhD studies?

The requirements for a PhD are such that the studies leading to the degree usually take four years. This presumes on the one hand that students have the required prior knowledge and on the other hand that they apply themselves entirely to their studies and make the most of the courses and programmes on offer. The education leading to a PhD degree covers a total of 240 credits, divided into a course component of 60 credits and a thesis component of 180 credits. The Licentiate degree programme covers two years of full time studies and is structured in such a way as to allow students to continue their studies towards a PhD degree without wasting any time. The Licentiate includes a thesis component of 75 credits and a course component of 45 credits.

For a PhD degree, the student must write a scholarly thesis (doctoral thesis), which is to be based on independent research and to be of a high scholarly standard. The thesis is presented in a public defence as prescribed in the Higher Education Ordinance and in local provisions for the Faculty of Social Sciences in Lund.

Post-graduate studies are carried out according to a general syllabus which is established by the faculty. The individual PhD student follows an individual study plan drawn up by the doctoral student in consultation with the supervisors and approved by the head of department. The study plan is revised on a yearly basis. The department supports PhD students mainly through supervision which includes help with the orientation of their studies as well as their thesis work and continuous assistance during the writing of the thesis.

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