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Roxanna Sjöstedt

Roxanna Sjöstedt

Associate Professor | Senior Lecturer | Qualified Teaching Practitioner

Roxanna Sjöstedt


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Roxanna Sjöstedt holds a PhD from the Department of Peace and Conflict Research, Uppsala University and is Associate Professor of Political Science at Lund University. Her fields of research and teaching are, among others, IR theory, Security studies, and International interventions.

Current Projects

Roxanna Sjöstedt is project leader for the project, Intervention by Invitation: Why States Ask for Help, funded by the Swedish Research Council 2018-2021. The project probes the question of why, how, and when a state allows external military intervention in handling its domestic affairs. Although knowledge on the decision-making process related to third party interveners is extensive, we know next to nothing about why a state would ask for assistance in the first place. The project aims to explore the conditions under which states ask for help during periods of political unrest and to whom they turn to for assistance.

Roxanna is also project leader for the project The Consequences of Securitization funded by Formas 2021-2024. The project examines actors' threat constructions in relation to pandemics such as HIV/AIDS, A(H1N1), och Covid-19.

Completed Projects

Warlord Democrats (2014-2019)
Co-applicant (Project leader, Anders Themnér)
Funded by the Swedish Scientific Council, development research & the Marcus och Amalia Wallenberg Memorial Foundation

Exploring norm diffusion and socialization: The EU and post-Soviet states (2011-2013)
Project leader, post-doc project
Funded by
SYLFF, The Sasakawa Young Leader's Fellowship Fund Committee, Tokyo Foundation/Nippon Foundation