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The Department’s Higher Research Seminar Series

The Higher Research Seminar is the main collective seminar of the Department. The research staff and invited national and international leading scholars present ongoing research and analyses of a broad range of exciting topics of relevance for Political Science. Across the semester, you are invited to attend the Higher Research Seminar, which is held Wednesday between 13.15-14.30 in the large conference room, Eden, Paradisgatan 5, hus H, Lund.


Jens Bartelson and Catarina Kinnvall

Autumn Program 2018

September 12 

Douglas Brommesson, Hanna Bäck, and Jan Teorell comment upon the results of the general election.

September 19, 13.15-15.00. Plan seminar

  • Maiken Roed, ‘Interest group influence on party positions.’
  • Sarai-Anne Ikenze, ‘The Impact of Colonial Development Strategies on Structural Adjustment Lending Conditionality in Sub-Saharan Africa.’

September 24, 13.15-16.00. Plan seminar

  • Maja Tejre, ‘Variances in the politicization of Swedish forests.’
  • Simon Davidsson, ‘The Adoption of Parliamentary Responsibility in Western Europe.’
  • Jana Canavan, ‘Freedom in nonviolent human-animal relations.’

September 26

Bahar Rumelili, ‘IR Theory for a World of Anxiety.’

    October 10

    Lisa Husu, ‘Gender challenges in research funding and research funding organisations: Nordic and European perspectives.’ 

    October 24

    Gurminder Bhambra, ‘In the beginning all the world was America’: Dispossession, Justice, and Social Science.’

    November 14. Mid-seminar

    Jenny Lorentzen, ‘Norm Translation in War-to-Peace Transitions: Women, Peace and Security in Mali.’

    November 21

    Research retreat.

    November 28

    Benjamin Tallis, ‘Identities, Borderscapes, (Dis)Orders: Security, Mobility and the EU’s Neighbourhood and Migration Crises.’

    December 5

    Wenkai He, ‘Legitimating State Power and Social Policies in the Early Modern Era: England, Japan, and China.’

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