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Black and white photo of Priscyll Anctil. Photo.

Priscyll Anctil

Postdoctoral Fellow

Black and white photo of Priscyll Anctil. Photo.

¿Un feminismo à la fariana? El continuum de la militancia en el posacuerdo de paz en Colombia

À la Fariana Feminism? The Continuum of Militancy in Post-peace Agreement Colombia


  • Priscyll Anctil

Summary, in English

Objective/context: In this article, I propose the concept of continuum of militancy to analyze the transformation of the political struggles of former FARC-EP women guerrilleras in the post-peace agreement, with a particular emphasis on the country’s northeastern region. Based on their narratives, I inquire about the transformation from armed struggle to feminist combat, as well as the tensions and challenges that arise in this path. Methodology: I focus on three particular methods: the feminist fieldwork diary, biographical interviews, and participant observations in two fieldworks conducted in 2019 and 2022 in northeastern Colombia. Conclusions: The article confirms the need to understand post-peace agreement militancy as a continuum between armed struggle and different feminist, women, and gender combats. It also demonstrates the importance of analyzing the militancy of the ex-guerrilleras of the FARC-EP, starting from the insurgent identity. Finally, it concludes that insurgent feminism, despite the political tensions it entails, is a practical example of this continuum of militancy. Originality: The article has three main contributions: it theorizes the conceptual elements of the continuumof militancy; it brings knowledge about the construction of insurgent feminism in northeastern Colombia; and it contributes to the understanding of the political tensions surrounding the transformation of armed struggles into nonviolent feminist actions.


  • Department of Political Science

Publishing year







Colombia Internacional



Document type

Journal article


Universidad de los Andes


  • Political Science (excluding Public Administration Studies and Globalization Studies)


  • Continuum of militancy
  • Colombia
  • Farc-ep
  • Feminism
  • Gender
  • Peace Agreement
  • Insurgencies
  • DDR




  • Female Ex-combatants and Political Militancy in Nepal and Colombia: Bodies, Spaces and Emotions


  • ISSN: 0121-5612