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The Department of Political Science offers a wide range of courses in English for exchange students.

Most exchange students take courses on the bachelor level but a few courses within our master’s programmes are also open to exchange students.

Learn more about Department of Political Science's courses on Freestanding courses.

Please observe that you must study at least 15 ECTS credits at our department, the Department of Political Science in Lund.


Eligibility requirements

  • For the courses FKVB22, FKVB21 and STVC01 you need 30 ECTS credits in Political Science or Peace and Conflict to be eligible.
  • For courses beginning with STVC you need 60 ECTS credits in Political Science to be eligible.
  • You can apply for Master’s level courses if you have at least 90 ECTS credits in Political Science plus 60 credits in other subjects, and if your university has an agreement with us that allows it. Admittance is subject to seat availability and adequate prerequisites. The prerequisites can be found in the courses syllabus.

Special Area Studies – SAS-courses

Lund University also offer Special Area Studies (SAS) – specially designed courses available for exchange students. These courses give an insight into Scandinavian and European cultural interest areas. You can apply for any of SAS-courses in English at Lund University and combine them with your courses at the Department of Political Science.

To some of the SAS-courses you are admitted according to a first come, first served principle, so if you are interested in applying to any of these courses, you are recommended to submit your application as soon as the online application opens. Learn more about the SAS-courses on

Swedish Language Courses for Exchange Students

As an added value to the student exchange programme and to awake an interest in the language and culture of the host country and as well as to facilitate communication, Lund University offers Swedish Language courses to exchange students.

About 50% of the incoming exchange student who apply to these courses will be fortunate to obtain a place. Unfortunately there are no economic resources to offer a place to every student who wish to learn Swedish. These courses are normally outside the scope of the exchange agreements, which means that exchange students cannot demand a place in these courses. Learn more about the Swedish Language Courses on

More Courses at Lund University

You can apply for any of the courses in English at Lund University and combine them with your courses at the Department of Political Science. Learn more about the courses outside our department on

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The International Office at the Department of Political Science develops and administers the international exchange programme at the department.

The office also issues transcript of records and deals with transferring of credits.

Helen Fogelin

International coordinator for incoming students to Lund

E-mail: helen [dot] fogelin [at] svet [dot] lu [dot] se
Phone: +46 46 222 89 51
Room: Eden 234

Visiting hours by appointment!

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Visiting address
Department of Political Science
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Department of Political Science
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