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Diplomacy, negotiation and mediation

Bachelor course. Peace and Conflict Studies. 7,5 credits. Spring term.
FKVC31 Peace and Conflict Studies: Diplomacy, negotiation and mediation (Diplomati, förhandling, medling)

Learning outcomes


  • have knowledge about theories and practices of diplomacy, negotiation and mediation.
  • have knowledge about the different types of diplomatic practices, phases of negotiations, and the role of third parties.
  • able to apply theories of diplomacy, negotiation and mediation to empirical cases


  • able to critically examine, evaluate and discuss academic literature on diplomacy, negotiation and mediation.
  • able to analyze the interaction between theory and practice of diplomacy, negotiation and mediation.
  • able to present and convey this knowledge and these skills, orally, and/or in writing and in an approved academic style.


  • interested in, and reflective about the impact of power, culture, international norms, and international law on diplomacy, negotiation and mediation in theory and in practice.
  • interested in, and reflective about your learning and thinking-processes.
  • assumed personal responsibility for your learning.


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In the study of Political Science, particular weight is placed on the student's capacity to produce critical review and presentation of scientific texts, both orally and in writing. The structure for best achieving this varies between different disciplines, as well as between different tutors/researchers. The art of writing and speaking is a normative user's guide on all levels in the Political Science discipline, not least in conjunction with thesis writing.

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