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Employees: Doctoral students

On this page, we have gathered the information that applies specifically to those employed as doctoral students. 

Here you will find information about salaries and extended employment, reporting activity and maintenance, and information on what to do in case of a conflict with your supervisor.

Read also the information that applies to all employees

On the links in the below bullet list, you will find other related information to your doctoral studies:

Degree of maintenance and activity

Degree of activity is the percentage of full time PhD studies the doctoral student has been able to carry out during the semester. Hence, it is the actual time for PhD studies (as % of full time, 40 hour/week) which shall be reported. PhD students doing teaching or other departmental work should decrease their activity accordingly.

Information about maintenance shall only deal with PhD studies and not other work in which the doctoral student might be involved. The sum of different types of maintenance shall always be 100 % during a semester even if reported degree of activity is less than 100 %.  

PhD students shall report their degree of maintenance and activity to the administrator of the PhD program by the end of each semester.

Salary issues 

The salary of a doctoral student is automatically raised on three separate occasions: when 60 (600 SEK), 120 (1100 SEK) and 180 (1100 SEK) higher education credits have been achieved. In addition to credits from courses, completed planning and midway reviews provide a certain number of credits in this context. 

Apply for a new salary

The doctoral student and supervisor(s) make an application to the assistant head of department on the two forms below (certificate for salary increase and application form). The supervisor submits the two forms to the assistant head of department. After the approval of the assistant head of department, the decision is then reported directly to the human resources coordinator Marie Persson for registration in Primula. The formal decision is made by the Department of Political Science. The increase can be awarded retrospectively for a maximum of six months. 

The first salary increase

The first salary increase occurs after one year of full-time study (60 credits, 600 SEK), including at least 37.5 credits of courses passed and the successful completion of a planning seminar (worth 22.5 credits). 

The second salary increase

The second salary increase occurs after two years of full-time study (120 credits, 1100 SEK), including at least 52.5 credits of courses passed and the successful completion of a midway review (worth 45 credits). In special cases, such as extensive field work, when the required credits from courses and a midway review are not achieved but the supervisor judges that the doctoral student has completed two years of full-time study, the salary increase can be made anyway. 

The third salary increase

The third salary increase occurs after three years of full-time study (180 credits, 1100 SEK). It is based on a judgement by the supervisor(s) of the doctoral student’s individual study plan that around one year of full-time study remains until the completion of the thesis. 

Extension of a post

Besides extensions on the grounds of teaching assignments at the department, a post can also be extended after sick leave or parental leave. In addition, some types of leave of absence, but not all, can give rise to an extension (check in advance with the Dep. Head of Department responsible for the PhD studies or the Human resources coordinator). There are also rules for extension of an employment period due to positions of responsibility within student organisations and student representation (refer to the Dep. Head of Department responsible for the PhD studies or the Human resources coordinator for more information).

If you get into conflict with your supervisor(s) 

In order to prevent conflicts between the doctoral student and the supervisor, any potentially contentious issues should be discussed in the supervisors’ committee. The head of department and/or director of research studies should be promptly informed of potentially contentious issues, before these issues result in conflict. In case of conflict between the doctoral student and the supervisor, the head of department is to be informed. In consultation with the director of studies, the head of department has a responsibility for managing and resolving the conflict. In cases where the head of department is the supervisor, the director of research studies is responsible for taking the matter to the faculty level. If the conflict cannot be resolved at the department level, the Pro Dean, supported by the faculty’s research studies manager, takes over responsibility for managing and resolving the conflict.

At Lund University, there is an impartial doctoral student ombudsman (DOMB) whom you can contact if necessary.

E-mail: domb [at] ldk [dot] lu [dot] se
Phone: +46 73 397 88 45

Read more about the doctoral student ombudsman on the website of the Doctoral Students’ Union at Lund University

Handbook for Doctoral students

Swedish Council for Higher Education has a handbook for Doctoral students.

The Handbook for Doctoral students can be found on


Do you have questions regarding your employment? 

Magdalena Bexell
Deputy Head of Department
Telephone: 046- 222 01 66
magdalena [dot] bexell [at] svet [dot] lu [dot] se

Do you have questions regarding your education?

Fariborz Zelli
Director of Studies (Research Studies)
Telephone: 046 222 47 64
E-mail: fariborz [dot] zelli [at] svet [dot] lu [dot] se