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Final phase of the dissertation process

The following is a list of points to remember for PhD students and their supervisors in the final phase of the dissertation process, from the final draft seminar (“manuskonferensen”) to the day of the defense (“disputationen”). Typically the final draft seminar takes place around 6 months before the defense.

For Phd Students

  • Consult the following document from the Faculty of Social Sciences, unfortunately only available in Swedish: ”Information till doktorand och institution vid disputation”.
  • The Green Light Committee: Come to an agreement with the two members of the green light committee (“grönläsarna”) about when you should deliver the final manuscript for review. Typically, the green light committee should be allowed at least 2 weeks for reviewing the manuscript. Also, do not forget to reserve some time, say around 2 weeks, for implementing possible minor revisions suggested by the green light committee.
  • Language review/translation: Since the cost of this is incurred to the budget for dissertation defenses, this issue has to be discussed with the supervisor, who is responsible for the budget; allocate approximately 2-3 weeks for this (depending on the length and format of the manuscript).
  • Given the time allocated to the green light committee and language review, and after consultation with your supervisor, determine the time and day of the defense. PhD defenses may only occur during the official academic semester time (“under terminstid”). The day of the defense needs to be booked at least 6 weeks in advance, but normally it will have to be taken care of long in advance of that. No more than two PhD defenses can occur on the same day at the Faculty of Social Sciences, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.
  • Once the day of the defence has been determined, contact Media-print (Mediatryck). It is by some recommended to attend their course. Tell them you belong to the Faculty of Social Sciences and that your PhD dissertation should be processed through the so-called “print-on-demand”-system. This implies your PhD dissertation will be searchable through online publishers, hence they can also order a copy of your book/dissertation.
    Read more on Mediatryck's website
  • Typically you may format the PhD dissertation yourself using the template of Media-print. You can also ask Mediaprint to do the formatting, which normally takes around 10 days.
  • If you are writing a compilation thesis: do not forget to seek the permission of the publishers of already printed papers to reproduce your work in the dissertation. However, you do not need to acquire consent from any co-authors for this.
  • Apply for an ISBN number through the website of Lund University Library.
    Read more about ISBN on the Lund University Library's website
  • If your dissertation is to be part of the “Lund Political Studies”-series, acquire (a) a volume number, (b) an ISSN number, and (c) a complete list of former dissertations published in the series (to be inserted in the end of the dissertation) from the research administrator at the department.
  • Each PhD dissertation should contain a titular page (“spikningsblad”) and a document data page (“dokumentdatablad”). There is a template for this.
  • Submit the final draft to Media-print (approximately 6 weeks prior to the defence).
  • The proof.
  • The official announcement of the dissertation, its so-called “nailing” (“spikning”), occurs at least 3 weeks prior to the defence, 2 of which should be during the official academic semester time. Under exceptional circumstances (such as due to printing delays), a shorter time-span may be allowed. Such exceptions are granted by the Dean of the social sciences.
  • On the details pertaining to the “nailing”, again see ”Information till doktorand och institution vid disputation”. At the Faculty of Social Sciences, we practice so-called “digitized nailing” (“elektronisk spikning”), which means that your dissertation should be registered in LUCRIS. In case you have any further questions concerning how to register in LUCRIS, consult the librarians of the faculty of social sciences library.
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  • Distribution of mandatory copies: See the special list established for this purpose by the research administrator at the department. According to a newly established practice, these mandatory copies do not include all department employees (other than the members of the grading committee). Only distribute copies to department employees upon request (others may read the digitized version of the dissertation).
  • After the defense: Apply for your PhD-degree certificate.
    Learn more on Lund University's website