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Ordering and invoicing

In LUPIN (Proceedo) you can approve your invoices, make purchases and confirm that you have received any placed orders.

Invoice management

All invoices are electronically processed in LUPIN. You are responsible for making sure that your invoices are paid – to check, log in to LUPIN with your LUCAT ID.

Place orders and confirm delivery

Orders for products, such as books, shall be placed in LUPIN. Once you have received your order, you need to confirm its delivery, also in LUPIN.

More information about invoice management available on the Staff Pages 

For example, there you can find:

  • User guide on how to review an invoice
  • User guide on placing orders in LUPIN 
  • User guide on confirming delivery in LUPIN 

Manual - invoices in LUPIN/Proceedo

  • Invoices (and procurements) are handled in the administrative system Proceedo (or LUPIN). 
    (Travel bills and expenses are handled in the system Primula.)
  • When you order things always tell your full name as a reference – never the cost centre or similar.

You will receive an email from Proceedo when you have received an invoice. The invoice should be handled in Proceedo as soon as possible to make sure it will be paid in time.

Here comes a short description of the process:

  1. Log in to Proceedo via Medarbetarwebben/Staff pages
  2. Go to the tab Invoices.
  3. Double klick on an invoice to open it completely (You can open it half ways, but then you won’t see all the information).
  4. Do this at the first log in only: Press the button ”Accounting settings” to the far right and klick in all boxes to make unnecessary accounting boxes disappear. 
Screensaver "Proceedo Accounting settings", illustration.
  1. Check that the invoice is correct. You will often find detailed information under the tab ”Attachments”.
Lathund Attachments, illustration.
  1. Fill in the boxes for Konto/account, Aktivitet/activity and Beskrivning/description. 
    • Account: Tells us what you have purchased. 
    • Activity: Your project account from which your invoices should be paid. Check the account number with your supervisor. Note that it must begin with the number 253091, which means Dep. of Political Science. 
    • Description: Information for the bookkeeping.

    1. supplier
    2. what has been purchased
    3. why (meeting, conference, course…) and
    4. who’s has made the purchase. Note that this field only contains 50 positions, so you often must shorten the words. Write f ex: ”BCD Travel, flight Montreal, ISA23 /your initials (Initials = f ex ÅER)
  2. Attach supporting documents, which verifies that the purchase is work related and not private. 
    • Supporting documents should be attached to invoices about travel, hotel or meal (fika, lunch, dinner).
    • Supporting documents to a travel or meeting invoice can be an invitation, a confirmation of attendance, an agenda, a conference program, an email or similar that shows why you have made the purchase. If you want to attach a conference program, just make one screen print of the presentation of the conference on the webpage and one of a page in the program where your own name shows and copy it to a word document (Never attach a program of 30 pages).
    • Supporting documents to an invoice regarding a meal, should show the purpose of the meal, f ex an agenda, invitation or similar, plus a list of all the attendances including to which organisation they belong.

      Attach the supporting documents on the tab “Attachments”. Just press the + sign and upload any Word, Excel or Pdf document. 
Lathund Attachments3, illustration.
  1. Save or approve the invoice: Press ”Save changes” if you want to wait with the approval until later. If you are completely finished press ”Approve invoice”.

    The invoice will then be sent to a finance officer for control and after this it will go to the head of the department for approving of the payment.


Billing address

Lund University
Department of Political Science
Box 188
221 00 Lund

Reference: First name and surname(s), for example “Greta Garbo”.