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Travel, reimbursement and entertainment

On this page, you will find information about what to do when travelling for work, how to fill in a travel expense report or request reimbursement, and the rules that apply to entertainment.

Booking a trip

If you will be travelling for work, or want to book a trip for a visitor coming here, you must use the procured services of the travel agency. You will then receive an invoice for the trip, to be approved in LUPIN.

Travel and expense reports

When you have been on a business trip, you must submit a travel expense report in Primula. If you have purchased a product or a service that, for some reason, could not be invoiced to Lund University, you must file an expense report in Primula. Primula is also where you enter any meals that are subject to benefit tax.

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Expense reports are to be completed in the same way as travel expense reports. Select the form “Only expenses/car reimbursements” in Primula. 

Government Service Centre SSC Primula web

Lund University has begun using the SSC (National Government Service Centre) and SSC Primula web

In Primula Web you can carry out many tasks relating to your employment, including applying for annual leave, viewing your salary statements, reporting secondary employment and submitting a declaration of illness.

Entertainment and gifts

Entertainment is a natural part of the University’s contact with wider society. All entertainment is to be conducted in a restrained and judicious manner. There must always be a direct connection with the University’s activities. In certain cases, employees taking part in entertainment events may be subject to tax on benefits.

Gifts are regulated by the Swedish Tax Agency’s provisions on certain benefits in the calculation of tax deductions and payroll tax. In certain cases, as the recipient of a gift, you may be subject to tax on benefits. Christmas gifts, jubilee gifts and mementos from the employer have a special exemption from taxation, on condition that the value of the gift does not exceed the amount set by the Swedish Tax Agency.

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