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New article on female soldiers and dialogic peacekeeping

Annika Bergman Rosamond and Annica Kronsell have co-authored the journal article "Cosmopolitan militaries and dialogic peacekeeping: Danish and Swedish women soldiers in Afghanistan" in International Femininist Journal of Politics, October 2017.

Glancing back on intellectual disability research

NEW FROM OUR RESEARCHERS: Niklas Altermark’s article 'The Post-Institutional Era: Visions of History in Research on Intellectual Disability' is included in the 30 year anniversary issue of the leading disability studies journal Disability & Society.

How even fake elections can hasten democratic change

NEW FROM OUR RESEARCHERS: Jan Teorell has published the article "Institutional stepping stones for democracy: how and why multipartyism enhances democratic change" which presents evidence in support of a more positive understanding of multipartyism and democracy.

Per Andersson's doctoral thesis posted

The notification of the date of the defence and "posting" of Per Andersson's thesis "Essays on the Politics of Taxation" was held today, Friday 5th May, at 3:15 pm in Eden's lobby.

Sjöstedt on securitization and foreign policy analysis

NEW FROM OUR RESEARCHERS: Roxanna Sjöstedt has published the article "Securitization and Foreign Policy Analysis", in Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Politics. Sjöstedt describes and reviews in this article the central assumptions of securitization theory in order to capture its applicability to the study of foreign policy.

Teorell on eighteenth century election fraud in Sweden

NEW FROM OUR RESEARCHERS: Jan Teorell has published a paper explaining election fraud historically in the case of Sweden, drawing on original data from second-instance election petitions filed in 1719–1908, "Partisanship and Unreformed Bureaucracy: The Drivers of Election Fraud in Sweden, 1719-1908".

Björkdahl gave talk in Scotland on peace and the politics of memory

Annika Björkdahl was invited to give a talk entitled ”Peace and the Politics of Memory” at St. Andrews University in Scotland on Monday the 17th April at the Arts Lecture Theatre.

How do ex-rebels make sense of sexual violence?

NEW FROM OUR RESEARCHERS: Nina Wilén, peace and conflict researcher and guest researchers at the department, has written the article ”The civilised Self and the barbaric Other: ex-rebels making sense of sexual violence in the DR Congo” which was recently published online.

Altermark at the parliamentary seminar on personal assistance

OUTREACH: Today, 26th April, Niklas Altermark will participate in the parliamentary hearing on personal assistance. Also participating are representatives of the disability movement, other researchers from a variety of disciplines and a number of people heavily involved when personal assistance was introduced.

What happens to the military careers of UN soldiers after their UN service?

NEW FROM OUR RESEARCHERS: Nina Wilén, peace and conflict researcher and guest researchers at the department, has written the article "Peacekeeping deployment abroad and the self-perceptions of the effect on career advancement, status and reintegration” published in print a few weeks ago (published online in August).

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