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Bild på Maysam Behravesh.

Maysam Behravesh


Bild på Maysam Behravesh.

Revolt in Syria: An Alternative View from Iran


  • Maysam Behravesh

Summary, in English

Will the Assad regime survive? It is a big moot point; it might be too late to restore peace or the status quo, but the government must take action as swiftly as possible to implement structural reforms in the country, allowing for more political participation, civil liberties, economic progress, social equality etc. Yet, this is not enough. Assad should also brace himself to compromise, to share power with the legitimate opposition of the country – not with those Saudi-backed Salafists for whom democracy is a swear word and who should be contained. This said, the current situation in Syria does not allow for much optimism; it is quite unlikely to be resolved anytime soon. Even if the dust settles and order is restored by force of gun, Syria will not be the same Syria as it was before the uprising, but fire under the ashes. It is not that people should suppress their demand for change; it is that the regime should change itself for the better, if it does not want to be changed totally. After all, one cannot confiscate a whole country, establish a crony dictatorship, and get away with it.


  • Internationell politik-lup-obsolete






Iranian Diplomacy (IRD)




  • Political Science


  • Syria
  • revolt
  • security
  • survival
  • change
  • Iran




  • Internationell politik-lup-obsolete