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Fariborz Zelli

Fariborz Zelli

Professor | Principal Investigator BECC

Fariborz Zelli

Climate and trade policies in a post-2012 world


  • Benjamin Simmons
  • Harro van Asselt
  • Fariborz Zelli

Summary, in English

Climate and Trade Policies in a Post-2012 World is a collection of short forward-thinking articles by leading experts on the relationship between trade and climate change policies. The idea for developing this publication was conceived at the “International Workshop on Post-2012 Climate and Trade Policies”, jointly organized in September 2008 by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the EU-funded ADAM project (“Adaptation and Mitigation Strategies: Supporting European Climate Policy”). The authors contributing to this publication were active participants in the workshop and their articles are in many cases based on background notes provided for the workshop.
The groundbreaking dialogue among Trade Ministers in December 2007 during the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change negotiations in Bali, Indonesia stimulated intense research and discussions on potential areas of synergy and conflict between the trade and climate change regimes. The dialogue itself was convened in recognition that climate change represents a challenge not only for the environment, but also for future economic prosperity and security. The Ministers focused their discussions on how international trade can best support climate change objectives and called on more analysis and evidence on the linkages between international trade, development and climate change.
The aim of this publication is to respond to this call by providing a collection of short articles that examine the future interplay between climate and trade policies and institutions. The authors, who all provided contributions in their personal capacities, were encouraged to analyse and make recommendations for strengthening the relationship between trade and climate policies. This thought-provoking set of articles focuses on international, regional and national policies and institutions relevant to the implementation of trade-related climate change measures. Issues such as the acceleration of technology transfer and the potential of regional trade agreements and border adjustment measures are both discussed and put into a broader perspective.
It is hoped this publication will contribute to the larger international discourse on the relationship between trade and climate change that is currently taking place, and thus help further the debate on the design and implementation of a future climate regime.








United Nations Environment Programme


  • Political Science


  • WTO
  • WTO law
  • UNEP
  • United Nations Environment Programme
  • climate governance
  • environmental governance
  • trade
  • international trade
  • climate change
  • biodiversity
  • CBD
  • emissions trading
  • CDM
  • institutional analysis
  • fragmentation
  • complexity




  • Miljöpolitik