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Swedish election corruption in historical-comparative perspective

When and how was election fraud abolished in Sweden and other established western democracies?
The Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet).

The aim of this research project is to describe and explain how and why corrupt electoral practices were abolished in established democracies.

Firstly, a new historical case will be explored and thoroughly assessed: that of Sweden before the advent of universal suffrage in 1921.

Secondly, systematic comparisons with the historical experiences in other established democracies will be undertaken, based on secondary sources, through collaboration with scholarly country experts, and through the collection of new source material from one more country: the United States.

Thirdly, over-time and cross-country comparisons will be used to explain how and why electoral corruption was abolished.


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Researchers on the project


  • Teorell, Jan. "Omval och andra omtagningar under 300 år", i Berg, Linda & Henrik Oscarsson, red. Omstritt omval. Göteborg: SOM-institutet, 2012.
  • Teorell, Jan. "Varför är valfusk så ovanligt i Sverige?", i Bennich-Björkman, Li (red.), Statsvetenskapens frågor. Lund: Studentlitteratur, 2013.


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