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Governance of Urban Sustainability Transitions: Advancing the role of living labs (GUST)

What role can living labs play in the governance of Urban areas in sustainable transition?
This is a Joint Programme Initiative financed by different partners and the Swedish Research Council Formas for Sweden.

European cities face a pressing challenge – how can they provide economic prosperity and social cohesion while achieving environmental sustainability?

In response, new ‘living labs’– sites devised to design, test and learn from social and technical innovation in real time – are being formed.

Individual cases have been studied, but limited work has been done to understand how they work across different national contexts and how we can scale-up their impact or share lessons across European cities.

This project brings together leading European research partners and practitioners to investigate urban living labs and enhance their potential for contributing to sustainability transitions.

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On the project

This is a Joint Programme Initiative: Urban Europe, running from October 2014 - May 2017 involving partners Durham University, UK, Eurasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands, Joanneum Research, Austria. Coordinator: Lund University and the International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics (IIIEE).

Professor Annica Kronsell from the Department of Political Science is involved in the project.

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