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Exploring peace gaps in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

How to bridge the peace gaps between various groups in Israel and Palestine?
Funded by Lund University and the Swedish Research Council.

Peace gaps refer to the discrepancies that exist between elite-oriented peace negotiations and grass-root peacebuilding practices.

Few studies explicitly examine and explore the interplay between elite-based negotiations and civil society practices with its long-term consequences.

The research project has three overarching objectives.

  1. First, to analyse and critically assess the various peace discourses and proposals on elite level, which have evolved during the Middle East peace process (MEPP).
  2. Second, to map various alternative peace discourses and practices on societal and grass-root level.
  3. Third, to identify various peace gaps and their consequences for achieving a sustainable peace in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


The project is part of the strategic research initiative MECW - Middle East in the Contempary World coordinated by the Centre for Middle East Studies.


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