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Diplomacy of Justice and Peace

Rethinking Peace Diplomacy
This project addresses one of the most pressing problems in contemporary global politics, namely how to manage the increasing world disorder. Rethinking peace diplomacy is more urgent than ever.

Jihadist terrorism, regional conflict and extreme right-wing populism are on the rise; the Middle East is in turmoil; and there is a dangerous escalation involving nuclear weapons unfolding on the Korean peninsula. A growing trend of isolationism is also observed among political elites worldwide. The gains and benefits of international cooperation and multilateral negotiation in areas such as climate change, development and trade, are presently in question. The hub of international institutions, such as the United Nations, the European Union and the World Bank, is tainted with a legitimacy deficit. Most importantly, peace diplomacy is at a crossroads and global justice in peril. The ongoing civil war in Syria is a painful reminder of the failure of contemporary peace diplomacy and protection. Rethinking diplomacy is studied in three new, but interrelated domains:

  • Resilient diplomacy 
  • Digital diplomacy
  • Gender just diplomacy
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