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Civil society elites? The composition, reproduction and integration of elite groups in Swedish civil society

Explores the composition, reproduction and integration of elites
Funded by Swedish Research Council (VR), 2018-2021.

The topic of civil society elites is important as processes contributing to considerable power inequalities within civil society and among its organizations can be observed. The project is guided by the following research questions: a) What are the qualities, characteristics and networks of civil society elites? b) How and to what extent are civil society elites reproduced and contested? c) To what extent and in what ways do elite groups in civil society interact, or even integrate, with elite groups from other spheres, for instance politics and business? The studies are based on a mixed method design combining quantitative and qualitative methods.

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Researchers in the project

Sara Kalm
E-post: sara [dot] kalm [at] svet [dot] lu [dot] se

Håkan Johansson
E-post: hakan [dot] johansson [at] soch [dot] lu [dot] se

Malin Arvidson
E-post: malin [dot] arvidsom [at] soch [dot] lu [dot] se

Anna Meeuwisse
E-post: anna [dot] meeuwisse [at] soch [dot] lu [dot] se

Roberto Scaramuzzino
E-post: roberto [dot] scaramuzzino [at] soch [dot] lu [dot] se

Department of Political Science
Lund University
Visiting address: Paradisgatan 5H (House: Eden)
Postal address: Box 52, SE-221 00 LUND
Telephone: +46 46-222 89 52

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