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Programme for visiting doctoral students

In order to maintain a vital research environment with international scholarly exchange the department of political science runs a visiting programme for outstanding doctoral students who wish to contribute to, and participate in the work of the department.

The objective of the programme is to:

  • provide doctoral students with the opportunity to work with leading scholars and academics. 
  • contribute to the active research environment of the Department.
  • promote and develop links between research institutions.

Who is eligible?

Doctoral students with a research topic that can benefit from and make a contribution to existing research at the department.

Doctoral students admitted and enrolled in a Ph.D. program at another academic institution.

Application procedure

The applicant should apply no later than the semester prior to the planned visit. There are two application deadlines: March 1 and November 1. Notification of acceptance will be given by April 1 and December 1. For information on semesters see the academic calendar ( Students can apply for a 3-12 month stay and it does not have to conform to semesters (late June through mid August are summer holidays).

The applicant should provide the following documents in the application:

  • A CV
  • Proof of Ph.D status: A document signed by the head of department where the doctoral student is enrolled also approving the guest visit.
  • A time plan.
  • A project description (max 1500 words) that outlines the research plans for the period of visit and includes a motivation for why and how the doctoral students research is expected to benefit from and contribute to the research at the department of political science.

Department commitments

During the doctoral students period of visit, she or he will have access to a work space at the department as well as IT facilities, Library services, seminars and lectures at Lund University and limited printing and photocopying (will receive support in finding accommodation and get an introduction to Lund university). There will be no charges or fees for the visit.

The Visiting doctoral student will be assigned a mentor and an affiliated with one of the department’s research groups.

The Visiting doctoral student will be given the opportunity to present his or her research at a department seminar.

The visiting doctoral student’s obligations are:

  • To have secured funding for the travel to and stay in Lund.
  • To alert the responsible staff at Lund University about arrival and departure dates.
  • To adhere to Lund university regulations and statues during the visit.
  • To provide a short bibliography and description of research to be posted at the department’s website.
  • To take an active part in the research environment of the department, attending seminars and research group meetings.
  • To keep in regular contact with the assigned mentor.
  • To provide a brief activity report and feedback regarding the stay at the end of the visit.

Admission procedure

Applications will be assessed by the director of Ph.D. studies and the deputy head of department and 1-2 colleagues from the research group that the Ph.D. student wish to collaborate with. The number of guest Ph.D. who will be accepted depends on the quality of the application, availability of office space and of mentors. Applications, following the above state format, should be sent by email with electornic attachments to:

Fariborz Zelli
E-mail: fariborz [dot] zelli [at] svet [dot] lu [dot] se