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Black and white photo of Priscyll Anctil. Photo.

Priscyll Anctil

Postdoctoral Fellow

Black and white photo of Priscyll Anctil. Photo.

Seguridad, afectos y familias. Obstáculos en el proceso de reintegración de personas desmovilizadas de grupos armados en Santander, Colombia

Security, Affect and Families. Challenges in the Reintegration Process of Demobilized Combatants of Armed Groups in Santander, Colombia


  • Jakeline Vargas-Parra
  • Ángela María Díaz-Pérez
  • Priscyll Anctil

Summary, in English

In Colombia, the process of reintegration into civilian life is intended to support the legal life projects of people who have belonged to organized illegal armed groups. This process has been led by the Agencia para la Reincorporación y la Normalización (national agency for reintegration into civilian life) through the Ruta de Reintegración (reintegration plan) since 2011. Drawing from a collaborative research project, the objective of this article is to analyze, from a gender perspective, the obstacles experienced by people in the process of reintegration, especially regarding safety, family and community relations, as well as affect and subjectivity. Qualitative methodology was used and it was divided in two actions: (1) review of the scientific literature on gender and reintegration and; (2) 24 semi-structured interviews conducted with people in the reintegration process and their life partners in the department of Santander. The analysis of the proposed categories allowed us to identify three elements to improve the support offered to people in the process of reintegration: the implementation of a gender perspective, the integration of the family in the whole process of reintegration and, finally, the sensitization of the host community.

Publishing year







Prospectiva. Revista de Trabajo Social e Intervención Social



Document type

Journal article


  • Political Science


  • Security
  • Affect
  • Family
  • Colombia
  • DDR
  • Ex-combatants




  • ISSN: 2389-993X