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Ole Elgström

PhD Professor


Political Science


Main research areas

  • The Global Roles of the European Union
  • Modern Multilateral Negotiations
  • Convergence of European Foreign Aid Policies: Europeanization, Nordification or Like-Mindization?


Current research and teaching

My research has in recent years focused on the European Union’s global roles and on how the EU is perceived by external actors. I have authored several articles on outsiders´ images of the EU in multilateral trade, aid and climate change negotiations. I also have a keen interest in negotiation theory, and notably in the EU’s negotiation strategies in international negotiations. I have recently probed the changed character of modern multilateral negotiations after the rise of the emerging powers (China, India, Brazil and others). In what ways have changing power configurations also transformed patterns of negotiation strategies and coalition-building? My teaching load is limited but I am in charge of a master course on “EU Negotiations” and I also do some supervision.


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Ole Elgström
E-mail: ole [dot] elgstrom [at] svet [dot] lu [dot] se


Department of Political Science

+46 46 222 89 47




Ole Elgström is professor with a focus on international negotiations and foreign policy change.

Department of Political Science
Lund University
Visiting address: Allhelgona kyrkogata 14 (House: Eden)
Postal address: Box 52, SE-221 00 LUND
Telephone: +46 46-222 89 52

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