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Photo of Joel Abdelmoez. Photo.

Joel Abdelmoez

Doctoral Student

Photo of Joel Abdelmoez. Photo.

Muscles, Moustaches and Machismo: Narratives of Masculinity by Egyptian English-Language Media Professionals and Media Audiences


  • Joel W. Abdelmoez

Summary, in English

This study utilizes ethnographic methods to inquire how ideas of masculinities are perceived by English-language media professionals and media audiences in Egypt. Using semi-structured interviews and a survey, the aim is to find common narratives on how masculinity is perceived on personal levels and what terms are used to describe men and masculinities, which in turn can be used as the basis for further analysis of Egyptian media content. The word “narrative” in itself is used to convey personal experience, and the telling of those experiences, rather
than generalizable data applicable to the larger population. Found are several common themes, such as emphasized heterosexuality, and the expectation of men as providers and protectors, which is related, by the respondents, to the nation and the military. Protection and militarism relates to ideas of strength, honor, and courage. Men are almost exclusively seen as possessors of power. The ‘head of the household,’ and the head of state, both portrayed as iconized leaders, emerge as the quintessence of Egyptian masculine identity, whether that identity is contested or not.

Publishing year







Masculinities: A Journal of Culture and Society



Document type

Journal article


  • Media Studies
  • Gender Studies
  • Political Science (excluding Public Administration Studies and Globalization Studies)


  • masculinities
  • media
  • audiences
  • Egypt
  • identity
  • gender expression.




  • ISSN: 2148-3841