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Applying for research funding

When applying for funding for research projects, there are some things to consider when it comes to estimating project costs. The type of estimation differs depending on whether the project is intended to run over one or several years.


A budget proposal in an application for funding/grants is generally to include the following:

  • Salary costs including a 3% increase for each year
  • Cost of employer contributions amounting to 56.74% of the salary cost
  • Operational costs (travel, conferences, literature, material, etc.)
  • Indirect costs/overhead (OH), see percentages below. The OH is to be calculated based on all direct costs (salaries + employer contributions + operations). Calculate the total amount and then multiply the amount with the OH percentage below to obtain the amount of Indirect costs/overhead (OH).

Please note when applying for funding for a postdoc position, the premise is always one hundred percent research funding.

OH 2024

  • Total OH/indirect costs: 38.75%

Some funders want the OH percentage divided in premises and indirect costs:

  • For premises: 5.71%
  • For indirect costs: 33.04%

Upper overhead mark-up for the coming year is unknown at present, so count on the current overhead mark-up (38.75%) each coming year for multi-year applications.