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Compensation rules for doctoral students

On this page we have gathered information about: Compensation rules for doctoral students; Hours for undergraduate courses; Thesis supervision and examination; Course development; Courses on teaching in higher education; Special assignments at the Department; Special assignments within the Faculty of Social Sciences; and Other positions of trust.

In addition to working on their thesis, doctoral students can participate in departmental, faculty and/or university joint work (normally teaching, administration or assignments) to a maximum of 20% of full-time. Settlement is made against the doctoral student's annual working time. (Normal working hours for doctoral students amounts to between 1,700 and 1,756 clock hours depending on the employee's age). Time spent on teaching, administration and assignments generate an extension of the doctoral student position.

Compensation is calculated in teaching hours (th). For all forms of teaching, conversion factor four applies: a clock hour of student contact is thus considered to require three clock hours in the form of preparation and post-work (including participation in teacher meetings and other course related activities). Compensation for other types of activities, such as faculty or joint university assignments, are converted into teaching hours.

Hours for undergraduate courses

  • Courses at the introductory level: the number of hours varies depending on the number of seminar groups and scope of the course
  • Elective courses at the intermediate level: 24 th
  • Elective courses at at the bachelor level: 24 th
  • Courses at the master´s level: 40 th

In all cases, additional compensation is added if the number of students implies that teaching needs to be expanded. The basic principle is that a seminar group should contain 16 students. Compensation in addition to the regular framework is also based on special teaching inputs, such as guest lecturers, study visits and special educational exercises.

At the introductory level, there is extra compensation for examination, corresponding to 1 teaching hour for eight take-home exams. Course convenors at the introductory level are compensated by 10 teaching hours.

Thesis supervision and examination

  • Intermediate level: 8 clock hours (2 lt) per thesis for supervision, 4 clock hours (1lt) for examination
  • Bachelor level: 11 clock hours (2,75 lt) per thesis for supervision, 4 clock hours (1 lt) for examination
  • Master's thesis (15 credits): 14 clock hours (3.5 lt) per thesis for supervision, 4 clock hours (1 lt) for examination
  • Master's thesis (30 credits): 20 clock hours per thesis (5 lt) for supervision, 6 clock hours (1.5 lt) for examination

Doctoral students normally do not supervise above the intermediate level.

Course development

The development of new courses is compensated by 1,5 times the number of teaching hours the first time the course is given. For instance, a teacher who develops a new bachelor course of 24 th receives 36 th for teaching the course. But the second time the course is given the teacher receives normal compensation of 24 th. Revision and development of existing courses is considered a normal element of the teaching and is covered within existing hours.

Courses on teaching in higher education

Doctoral students receive special compensation for taking one university course on teaching in higher education. The course corresponds to a 14-day extension.

Special assignments at the Department

For certain assignments at the Department, there is special compensation:

  • Thesis administration: 24 th
  • Chair, PhD council: 40 clock hours (per semester, including participation in department board meetings)
  • Vice chair, PhD council: 10 clock hours 
  • Gender equality group: 3,75 th
  • Doctoral student manuscript conference: 1 th    
  • Discussant at mid-seminar: based on agreement
  • Admission to doctoral student program interviews: 0.75 th per interview

For assignments in temporary working groups and committees, compensation is paid according to agreement.

Special assignments within the Faculty of Social Sciences

For administrative assignments in committees and councils for the Faculty of the Social Sciences, compensation is paid as follows:

  • The teacher proposal committee: 35 clock hours
  • Working committees: 20 clock hours
  • Faculty board: 30 clock hours
  • The steering committee for gender equality: 15 clock hours

Other positions of trust

For other assignments compensation based on an assessment case the individual case, following the guidelines stated in the Vice-Chancellor's decision “Guidelines for extension of position as doctoral students due to positions of trust in student organizations and student representation at Lund University”, STYR 2017/1715.