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Development Studies

Bachelor's programme in Development Studies (BIDS) 180 credits. Autumn term.
Language of studies: English

The Bachelor’s Programme in Development Studies is an interdisciplinary programme with a focus on economic, social and political processes and their linkages to development cooperation.

The programme works through a collaboration between several different departments.

Courses at The Political Science Department

Term 3 and 6 can be studied at The Political Science Department. The links go to the course syllabi and they will be opened in a new window. 

Gain knowledge and concrete skills

The aim is to provide the knowledge needed in order to critically examine and understand the preconditions for, and process of, development. The programme offers students both the background knowledge and the concrete skills needed to work in development-related fields. Students also gain a critical social science approach that prepares them for postgraduate studies and assists them in various professions within government agencies, private firms and NGOs.

Four disciplines

The programme draws on, and combines, the scientific traditions from four different disciplines within the social sciences, i.e. sociology, political science, economic geography and economic history. This offers the students a multi-disciplinary perspective on development studies, and provides opportunity to deepen the knowledge in any of the aforementioned subjects.

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