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Handing in the thesis

How to go about handing in the completed thesis, and related formal matters, information about LUP Student Papers and downloading other students’ theses.

Submission and seminars- dates and time

For dates and times concerning when to hand in your thesis, see Writing a thesis. For a late hand in- if you have not completed your theses within the given time frame, please go to Info for a late hand in.



The schedule for the thesis seminars will be sent out via email later on the day of submitting the paper or the next day at the latest.

The scheduling is a complicated process where many factors need to be taken into account. It is therefore difficult to accommodate requests from individual students about specific time and date. In order to make sure that you will be able to attend your seminar, please make sure that you are available during the whole period when the seminars take place.

In case you have a very strong reason for not being able to attend a certain day during the seminar week (e.g. doctor’s appointment, funeral), please leave a note about this to the thesis coordinators when you submit the paper copies of your thesis.


Routines for thesis submission

Three paper copies are to be handed in. In addition, the thesis must be sent in to Urkund and submitted electronically in LUP Student Papers before 11.00 the same day.


Before you submit your thesis you are required to send the final version of it for review in Urkund (thesis [dot] svetlu [at] analys [dot] urkund [dot] se). 

LUP Student Papers

Before you hand in the paper copies of your thesis, you should submit it electronically as a PDF document in Lund University Publications Student Papers (LUP), see more detail below. If you experience any problems with the electronic registration, please contact your librarian or the thesis administrators.

Paper copies

Finally, you hand in 3 paper copies of your thesis to the thesis administrators (see date and time on the lesson plan in Live@Lund). Paper copies must be handed in; otherwise the thesis cannot be examined.



Information about LUP Student Papers

Student identity

If you do not have a Student Account you will not be able to submit your thesis. If you have lost your password, you can order a new one from Servicedesk (servicedesk [at] lu [dot] se). It may take up to a week to receive a new password.

Creating a PDF document 

PDF stands for Portable Document Format and is a format created by Adobe to facilitate viewing of documents created in a number of different programs. Almost all computers have Acrobat Reader installed; a program, which makes it possible to view PDF files. If you do not have Acrobat Reader on your computer, you can download it for free though the Adobe Acrobat website. You cannot create PDF files using Acrobat Reader. Here are  instructions for creating PDF documents:

1) If you have the commercial version of Acrobat (Adobe Acrobat) installed on your computer, you can create a PDF by using the print dialog box and selecting PDF file instead of a printer. The exact appearance of the dialog box may vary depending on if you are using Windows, Mac OS or Linux. 

2) There are also a number of shareware programs (eg., which can create PDF files. Most shareware programs cost money and demo versions may only allow you to create a few PDF files before you are required to register and pay for the software. 

3) If you have a Macintosh computer with any version of the OS 10 (X) creating PDFs is never a problem. There is a button for creating (save as) PDFs in the print dialog box, click on it and you are done. 

N.B It is important that you write your thesis in a single document. The first page, abstract, references etc. should not be saved as separate documents. In order to simplify this process we have made a thesis template.

Download Thesis template in English (doc, 76,5 kB, new window)

Submitting to LUP Student Papers

Go to LUP Student Papers

First time users: If it is your first time select. Log on with your Student Account and follow the instructions.

Log on: Use your Student Account and log on to LUP Student Papers.

Once logged on you can select to add a new paper, eg.. 20171 is syntax for spring semester 2017.

A new window will now open containing the tabs, Work, Publication Info, Context, Files & Access, Additional Info and Message. Compulsory fields is found under the tabs Work, Publication Info, Context and Files & Access. If you have any problems or have questions on how to fill out the information contact the thesis administrators or click on the questionmark.

The first tab, "Work", is your description of your thesis with compulsory fields such as author, title, abstract and keywords. Make sure to verify your user identity by clicking on "Select author" and locating yourself in the list of registered students. If you are two or more authors collaborating on the same thesis, make sure to add and verify each author individually.

Under the tab Publication Info, write the year of publication.

The next tab, "Context" has one compulsory field, supervisor. Fill out the name of your supervisor and click on "Confirm supervisor". Select your supervisor in the list (the name will be linked in blue).

The last compulsory tab is "Files & Access". It is here that you upload your thesis. Use the file browser to locate your thesis file on your computer. The file has to be in pdf-format. After locating your file, make sure to set the desired access level to your thesis document. The level of
publication is decided by you as the author.

When you have filled out all the compulsory fields under the different tabs press. This changes the status of the post you created from "Private" to "In Progress". You have now sent your thesis to the thesis administrators and it can be downloaded for the seminars by other studens.

If you experience any problems with the technical side of submitting your thesis, contact your librarian or the thesis administrators. (See first page)

Downloading other students’ theses 

Log in to LUP Student Papers. Select course in the upper right corner and the semester, eg STVM23, 20171 (spring semester 2017). Download the paper you are going to discuss by clicking on the thesis title.

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