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Welcome to a new spring term!

Introductory meetings and late application spring semester 2019
Find information about introductory meetings and late application for our courses on offer in English during the spring semester.

Students are studying outside the building Eden.

On this pages, you can find information about: 

Introduction letter

Please note that you will be receiving an introduction letter with information about your studies once the Notification of Selection Results has been published to all admitted students. It is important that you remembers to confirm your spot by replying to the offer at hand (applies also if you are offered a reserved seat). The introduction letter will be sent to the email address that you has indicated in the application at

If you are admitted to a course but have not received an introduction letter, please contact the study advisory. If you have not applied to a course but wish to start your studies in the spring semester 2018, please read the information about post-application at the bottom of the web page.


Current schedules for the courses of the spring semester starting January 21, 2019 can be accessed either through our website or on the course platform in Live@Lund (current students login using their Student account). Please note that on our website individual courses can be found under the tab “education”.

Web registration

To formally take your place in the course you must register by using the web registration form at the student portal ( If you are conditionally accepted to the course you can’t register online. You must therefore visit the academic advisors no later than January 21 to present documents verifying your eligibility and register to the course.

Introductory meetings

All introductory meetings take place at the department of Political Science at Paradisgatan 5H (house Eden). Please note the Lund custom of “academic quarter”, implying that if the specified time is 10:00, the meeting actually starts at 10:15.

Undergraduate level courses

First half of spring semester 2019 (January 21 - March 24)

  • Environmental Governance, 7,5 credits (STVC55 / STVK02)
    When: January 24, 10-12
    Where: Eden room 235
  • Experts and Democracy, 7,5 credits (STVC59 / STVK02)
    When: January 22, 13-15
    Where: Eden room 235
  • International Relations Theory in Time and Space, 7,5 credits (STVC62 / STVK02)
    When: January 23, 10-12
    Where: Eden room 235

Second half of spring semester 2018 (March 19 - June 3)

  • Swedish Politics 15 credits (STVC01)
    When: March 25, time TBA
    Where: TBA

Master level courses

First half of spring semester 2018 (January 15 - March 16)

  • War and Peace in a World in Transition, 15 credits (STVN13)
    When: January 21, 13-15
    Where: Eden room 230

Second half of spring semester 2018 (March 25 - June 9)

  • Social Policy and Economic Performance (STVN15)
    When: March 25, 10-12
    Where: Eden room 230
  • Power, Politics and the Environment (STVN17)
    When: March 19, 13-15
    Where: Eden room 230

Late application and post-application

Late application and post-application for the spring’s studies in political science opens at December 14 are made at

To see which courses are open for such submissions, please visit their website.

Please note that the Department of Political Science cannot give any notice on availability of places until the mandatory introduction meetings have taken place on January 21, 2019.

Please also note that in contrast to applications received within the given deadlines, a late application will not be ranked based on the applicant’s grades but rather on the date the application was submitted.

If you have not studied at university or college earlier, you must also upload your high school grades to your account at Please see information at on how to upload and/or submit supporting documents.

Please note that if you submit your application after the deadline set for submitting supplementary qualifications (December 1, 2018 for the spring semester), it will be considered as a post-application and you will only receive an admission notification from the Department rather than the Swedish Council for Higher Education (UHR).

In case of any problem, you can call the local Admissions Office at Lund University on 046-2229300 Monday, Tuesday or Thursday between 10:00 and 12:00, or post your question at the Admissions Office online questionnaire.



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