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Field Work, Internship, Research Overview

Bachelor's course (term 6 in the programme). 15 credits. Spring term.
This course is open to students in the Development Studies programme (BIDS) majoring in Political Science and is given at the Department of Political Science.

Field Work, Internship, Research Overview / Fältarbete, praktik och forskningsöversikt

Please note that this is only open to students currently studying the BSc programme in Development Studies, majoring in Political Science.

The course aims at giving the students the experience of working in a development context. It also serves as a means of gathering material for the forthcoming bachelor s thesis.

The course is divided into three 15-credit tracks, and the student has to choose one of these. Two tracks give the opportunity to do a field study or an internship within a development organisation, while the third track, the research overview, is an option for those who choose to remain at Lund University.

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