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The Politics of Development

Bachelor's course (term 3 in the programme). 15 credits. Autumn term.
This course is open to students in the Development Studies programme (BIDS) majoring in Political Science and is given at the Department of Political Science.

The course explores the political dimensions of development policies and processes with an emphasis on the global and national levels. We look into governance structures, institutions and power relations shaping current development thought and practice in areas such as poverty, health, the environment and gender. The course pays particular attention to relations between states, international organisations, civil society and private business in international development cooperation.

A recurrent theme throughout the course is the intersection between the international human rights framework and development policies in a so-called rights-based approach to development. With regard to the national level, the main themes are democratization and state-building, aligned with questions on what development is and ought to be in those processes. The final paper is an opportunity for the student to engage in further analysis of a development issue raised during the course.

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