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International Political Economy and Development

Bachelor's course (term 3 in the programme). 15 credits. Autumn term.
This course is open to students in the Development Studies programme (BIDS) majoring in Political Science and is given at the Department of Political Science.

The course introduces International Political Economy (IPE) with an emphasis on theories, theorists and issues that problematise the politics and political economy of development, North-South relations and ethics.

The first part of the course is designed to examine the roots of International Political Economy and a range of critical theories and approaches that inform the study of processes of socio-economic transformation in the global South.

The second substantive part of the course explores issues at the forefront of contemporary debates at the intersection of IPE and development. These include finance, financialisation and crises, trade and fair trade, multinational corporations and corporate social responsibility, the global division of labour and trade unions, migration and the greening of the global political economy.

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