Political Science: EU Law


Admission letter

Welcome to the start of the second semester in the degree programme MSc in European Affairs! 

Replying to your offer and securing your place

To secure our offer you must reply ”yes” no later than December 16. If you miss to reply by this date, the offer will be revoked.

Accept our offer by logging on to antagningen's website 

Compulsory introductory online meeting using Zoom

The semester starts with a compulsory introductory meeting and introductory lecture on January 18 10-12 online at Zoom. A link to the Zoom-meeting will be sent out approximately a week before the course introduction.

Please notify the course convener and the programme coordinator if you are unable to attend the compulsory introductory meeting/lecture.

Tips for using Zoom

• Make sure you have access to secure wifi and a quiet environment.

• Keep your microphone off during the introductory meeting but you are most welcome to use video.

• In the chat function in Zoom there is a “raise hand” button. Please use this function if you would like to ask anything during the introductory meeting/lecture.


Specific Entry Requirements: Student in the degree programme MSc in European Affairs. 

Web registration

Web registration opens on January 11 and must be completed by January 18 

Instructions (pdf, 100 kb, opens in new window) 

Web register via the studentportal

If you have any questions concering the web registration please contact the academic advisors / programme administrators.

Canvas - Lund University’s learning management platform

Once you have registered you will be granted access to the course module on Canvas. Please note that there is a slight delay from your registration until you can access the course on Canvas.

Schedule and classes 

Classes are schedule 2-4 times a week. Part of the classes are compulsory. 

The course ends on March 19.

Search for your schedule in TimeEdit

Both online and on-campus teaching

The Faculty of Social Science has decided that the teaching for the first 5 weeks of spring semester will be conducted by using digital tools (online). A new decision is expected to come on around February 27.

We will inform you in more detail how this will affect your studies at the department of Poltical Science at the introductory meeting.

Syllabus and literature list

Course content and links to syllabus and literature list

Check if the course literature is available at the Social Science Faculty Library

If you have any questions regarding the course please do not hesitate to contact the Academic advisors. 

We look forward to meeting you on January 18 and please do not forget to reply to our offer before December 16! 

Jakob Gustavsson                 
Director of Studies                      

Daniel Alfons, Mats Janér and Lidija Lindoff
Academic Advisors



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