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Annika Bergman Rosamond, Associate Professor/Senior Lecturer




Annika Bergman Rosamond is Associate Professor (Docent)  in Political Science and Global Studies (with focus on gender in particular), Lund University (LU).  Since 2012 she has also  been the Director of the Masters in Global Studies at LU, at the faculty of Social Sciences.  She obtained her BSc (Government) at London School of Economics  and her MA and PhD (European studies/International Relations) at University of Sussex, UK. She has held permanent lectureships in  political science and  IR  at the Universities of Leicester and Edinburgh in the UK. To date she has supervised four doctoral students to completion; three at the universities of  Edinburgh and Leicester and, most, recently  she supervised  Helena Gonzales Lindberg's PhD thesis on 'The constitutitve power of maps in the Arctic", with  Maria Hedlund.  Prior to arriving at  LU she was Senior Researcher at the Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS) and held a visiting lectureship in International Ethics at the Department of Political Science, Copenhagen University.  


Annika's primary research interests are: 

  • Gender and feminism (feminist ethical theory with focus on  the ethics of care and gender-based cosmopolitan reasoning, individuals as carriers of moral responsibility) 
  • Discursive analysis (feminist and digital techniques)
  • Feminist domestic and foreign policy as well as Feminist Security Studies, with focus on such things as soldiering and cosmopolitan militaries and peace-keeping as well as the 1325 agenda..
  • Popular culture, world politics, celebrities and gender/feminism  as well as  celebrity humanitarianism with focus on women's human security 
  • Arctic security and Nordic internationalism/security,  intervention, peace and interventionism
  • The study of crisis in theory and practice  
  • The politics of world heritage (the UNESCO site of Laponia and the  Sami community; battlefields and  gendering of UNESCO)
  • Digital diplomacy (gender, celebrity diplomacy and humanitarianism as well as  feminist foreign policy) 


Annika is currently a  member of two research projects. The  first project is led by Martin Hall (LU) and centres on the politics of world heritage.Ted Svensson is also a member of the research team.  The project is financed by the Swedish Research Council (2017-2020).  Within that project she explores the gendering of the politics of world heritage, the world heritage site of Laponia and tensions between the local Sami community and other actors. She is also interested in world heritage debates and battlefields.  Annika will also  particiapte in a new research project on Digital Diplomacy (led by Karin Aggestam), starting in January 2020  (2019-2022). The project is funded by  the Marcus och Amalia Wallenbergs Minnesfond (foundation).  Within that project she will mainly focus on celebrity diplomacy, with emphasis on peace and gender.  In 2019 she was a member of the Pufendorf Theme on CRISIS led by Professor Helle Rydström at the Department of Gender Studies, LU.  As of  November 2019  she is a member of  the Pufendorf theme on Conflict and Gender.  She has also completed a research project on Swedish military veterans financed by the Crafoord Foundation. 

Annika currently serves as  Section Chair of the Feminist Theory and Gender Studies (FTGS)  section of the International Studies Association (ISA) and during the period 2015-17 she served as a member-at-large of that section. The section has about 540 members.  Moreover, she is one of the  coordinator of her department's Gender and Politics Research Group and serves on the departmental  board as well as the departmental  equal opportunities committee. She has also been a  core researcher of the  Roskilde Research Network on Celebrity and North-South Relations.  She is a member of the Gendip: Gender and Diplomacy, Women in Diplomacy research network hosted at Göteborg University and led by Professor Ann Towns.  Annika  has  organised numerous  international conferences and workshops, for example the Popular Culture and World Politics 2015 conference at Westminster University London, UK, with Dr Thomas Moore.

She participates in public events and seminars and provides commentary in Swedish and international media. Alongside  Icelandic President and Minister of Foreign Affairs Annika   gave a keynote at the official opening of the Reykjavik Peace Centre , 7 October, 2016,  where she spoke of celebrity and peace. In June 2019 she was one of the invited speakers at NATO's annual gender conferences in Brussels. She serves on the editorial advisory boards of Review of International Studies and European Security. 



Books  and DIIS reports 

War, Ethics and Justice: New Perspectives on a Post-9/11 World, edited collection, (paperback), London:Routledge, 2012, (Editors: Annika Bergman Rosamond and Mark Phythian) 

War, Ethics and Justice: New Perspectives on a Post-9/11 World, Edited collection, London: Routledge, 2011, (Editors: Annika Bergman Rosamond and Mark Phythian, )

'Adjacent internationalism: The Concept of Solidarity and post Cold War Nordic-Baltic relations', Doctoral Thesis  Sussex : University of Sussex, 2003.

Women, Peace and Security - and Denmark: DIIS report 2014:32, Copenhagen: Danish Institute for International Studies, 53 pp. 2014. 

Perspectives on security in the Arctic area : DIIS report , 2011:09 Copenhagen: Danish Institute for International Studies, 78 pp, 2011.


Articles (published and forthcoming)

'Swedish Feminist Foreign Policy and "Gender Cosmopolitanism", Foreign Policy Analysis, forthcoming.

'Feminist foreign policy 3.0: Advancing ethics and gender equality in global politics (with Karin Aggestam).The SAIS Review of International Affairs,  forthcoming

.'Re-politicising the Gender-Secuirty Nexus: Sweden's Feminist Foreign Policy (with Karin Aggestam), European Review of International Studies, 2019. 

'Theorising Feminist Foreign Policy' (with Karin Aggestam & Annica Kronsell),  International Relations, 2019. 

'Political Legitimacy and celebrity politicans: Tony Blair as Middle East envoy 2007-2016' (with Michelle Pace) , Middle East Critique,  2018.

'Cosmopolitan Militaries and Dialogic Peacekeeping: Danish and Swedish Women Soldiers in Afghanistan'   International Journal of Feminist Politics, (with Annica Kronsell) 2018.

 'Swedish Feminist Foreign Policy in the Making: Ethics, Politics and Gender",  Ethics and International Affairs,  (with Karin Aggestam) Vol. 30 Issue 3.  2016, selected as part of editors' pick 

‘Protection Beyond Borders: Gender Cosmopolitanism and Co-constitutive Obligation’  Special Issue (Kindvall, C red), Global Society, 2013 Vol. 27

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’Världskändisar, kosmopolitism och internationell politik’, Internasjonal Politikk: Fokus: Kjendiser og Internasjonal Politikk (English translation: 'Celebrities and International Politics'), (4)  December, 2013. 

“The co-constitution of domestic and international welfare obligations: The case of Sweden’s social democratically inspired internationalism”, Cooperation and Conflict 42(1), 2007, pp. 73-99,

Adjacent internationalism: the concept of solidarity and post-Cold War Nordic-Baltic relations”, Cooperation and Conflict, 41(1), 2006, pp. 73-97.


Book Chapters (published and forthcoming) 


'Celebrity Global Motherhood: Maternal Care and Cosmopolitan Obligation' in Shepherd, L.  Hall, L.B.  & Weissman, A. L. (eds.)  Troubling Motherhood,Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2020

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”All Under the Same Sky? Celebrity Philanthropy and the Transnational Market for Women’s Empowerment” i den redigerade boken ”The Political Economy of Celebrity Activism” (redigerad av N. Farrell), Oxford: Routledge. 2019

'Military intervention and the loss of memory: Sweden, NATO and identity' in Agius, C. (ed.)  Identity making, displacement and rupture: performing discourses of belonging, place and being, Manchester: Manchester University Press,  (with Agius, C.), 2018.

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Other publications and reports:

'Nordic States and Gender Cosmopolitanism' Conference report  on Nordic foreign and security policy (, 2014.

Book Review: ’Fighting terror: ethical dilemmas. By Alex J. Bellamy’ International Affairs Vol. 85. No. 2 March 2009

Terrorismbekämpning i Storbritannien”  Folk och Försvar, No. 3 2005

“Anna Lindh” in Annesley  C. (ed)  A Political and Economic Dictionary of Western Europe”, Europa Publications: London, 2004.

'BALTBAT: the emergence of a common defence dimension to Nordic co-operation?', Working Papers, Copenhagen Peace  Research Institute, 2000.  (September)

'Central -och Östeuropa- EU:s östutvidgning-konsekvenserna för svenskt näringsliv.' Swedish Business Office, 1997, Brussels. 

'Sammanställning av UNICESs policykommittéer och arbetsgrupper'. Swedish EC Business Office, 1997, Brussels,


Book project: 

Celebrity, Security and Gender, monograph in progress. 


Retrieved from Lund University's publications database



Retrieved from Lund University's publications database


Retrieved from Lund University's publications database

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