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Agnes Cornell

Ph.D. | Assistant Professor

Political Science


Research Areas

  • State-building and public administration
  • Democracy and democratization
  • Latin American politics

Agnes Cornell’s main research interest lies in the intersection between state bureaucracy and the functioning of democracy; political institutions and citizens’ interactions with the state. She studies this relationship, both in a historical perspective, going back to the 19th Century and onwards, and in a contemporary context, focusing on Latin America.


Selection of publications

Boräng, Frida, Agnes Cornell, Marcia Grimes, and Christian Schuster. 2018. “Cooking the Books: Bureaucratic Politicization and Policy Knowledge.” Governance 31(1): 7-26.

Cornell, Agnes, Jørgen Møller, and Svend-Erik Skaaning (2017). “The Real Lessons of the Interwar Years.” Journal of Democracy 28(3): 14–28.

D’Arcy, Michelle and Agnes Cornell (2016). “Devolution and Corruption in Kenya: Everyone’s Turn To Eat?” African Affairs 115(459): 246–73.

Cornell, Agnes and Marcia Grimes (2015). “Institutions as Incentives for Civic Action: Bureaucratic Structures, Civil Society, and Disruptive Protests.” The Journal of Politics 77(3): 664–78.

Cornell, Agnes (2014). “Why Bureaucratic Stability Matters for the Implementation of Democratic Governance Programs.” Governance 27(2): 191–214.

Cornell, Agnes and Victor Lapuente (2014). “Meritocratic Administration and Democratic Stability.” Democratization 21(7): 1286–304.

Cornell, Agnes and Michelle D’Arcy (2014). “Plus Ça Change? County-Level Politics in Kenya after Devolution.” Journal of Eastern African Studies 8(1): 173–91.

Cornell, Agnes (2013). “Does Regime Type Matter for the Impact of Democracy Aid on Democracy?” Democratization 20(4): 642–667.



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Retrieved from Lund University's publications database


Retrieved from Lund University's publications database

E-mail: agnes [dot] cornell [at] svet [dot] lu [dot] se

Senior lecturer

Department of Political Science



Agnes Cornell is currently assistant professor at Lund university. Assistant Professor at Aarhus University 2014–2018. Ph.D. in 2013 from University of Gothenburg on a dissertation on democracy aid and democratization.

Current projects

Department of Political Science
Lund University
Visiting address: Paradisgatan 5H (House: Eden)
Postal address: Box 52, SE-221 00 LUND
Telephone: +46 46-222 89 52

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