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Catarina Kinnvall har nyligen publicerat ett kapitel med titeln ‘Postcolonialism’ i The Routledge Handbook of Critical European Studies, redigerad av Didier Bigo, Thomas Diez, Evangelos Fanoulis, Ben Rosamond and Yannis A. Stivachtis, publicerad med Routledge.

This handbook comprehensively defines and shapes the field of Critical European Union Studies, sets the research agenda and highlights emerging areas of study. Bringing together critical analyses of European Union politics, policies and processes with an expert range of contributors, it overcomes disciplinary borders and paradigms and addresses four main thematic areas pertaining to the study of the European Union and its policies:

• Critical approaches to European integration;

• Critical approaches to European political economy;

• Critical approaches to the EU’s internal security;

• Critical approaches to the EU’s external relations and foreign affairs.

In their contributions to this volume, the authors take a sympathetic yet critical approach to the European integration process and the present structures of the European Union. Furthermore, the book provides graduate students and faculty with ideas for future research activity and introduces critical analyses rooted in a broad spectrum of theoretical perspectives.

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